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The two protagonists of the 'Teen Town' series are Horny Harry and Wally Richter. Horny Harry is the producer of the 'Excuse Me' videos. In those films he picks up girls from the street, takes them along to his hotel room, talks them out of their clothes and films them while masturbating and/or playing with a vibrator - and sometimes with him. Wally Richter is a German girl, who was one of Harry's 'victims' in 'Excuse Me, Vol. 1'. She has starred in a few more Seventeen productions afterwards (like 'Teenage Home Video, Vol. 4: Laura's First Time' and 'Wally's Tagebuch (Wally's Diary) 1 & 2').

Scene 1. Shots of a beach. Several girls set foot on the beach and walk to the sea. Other girls are sunbathing, some of them naked. A blonde undresses to her bikini trunks and lies down to sunbathe. Soon she starts fondling herself. She pulls aside her trunks and starts masturbating. Suddenly her trunks are torn off and she is attacked by a prick without body. After some struggling the prick squirts its load over her fanny and slides away.

Scene 2. The beach has gone and we find ourselves on a road alongside a canal. A sign tells us that we are entering Teen Town. Harry (handling the camera and never on the screen) addresses a dark blond girl in a black top and a black miniskirt. She tells him she is a Frenchwoman called Calice and living in Teen Town. She offers to show him round the city. The stray prick passes them in full career.

Scene 3. Calice is gone and Harry is walking through a wood near Teen Town. There he meets his old pal Wally, a girl with blond hair at shoulder-length, a Seventeen headband, a red Seventeen shirt and a miniskirt, who tells him she lives in Teen Town. Together they steal up on a cabin in the wood.

Scene 4. In the cabin a girl with blond curly hair, a Seventeen headband and a black Seventeen dress, hands her boy friend, who is playing the handyman, a cup of coffee. When he has finished his coffee, she feels his crotch. She undresses him and they fuck cowgirl, doggie and missionary style. He squirts over her belly. They clean themselves with tissues.

Scene 5. Calice, now dressed in a white Seventeen shirt and a black skirt, climbs a staircase and enters an apartment. She chances upon her boyfriend in the bathtub. She undresses and joins him in the bath. They suck each other's toes, then the boy eats her pussy. She pisses into his face. They exchange French kisses. The boy pees into a test tube and she swallows his pee. She even drinks when he pees into her mouth. He fucks her and puts the test tube into her anus. After having tried several positions he comes. She swallows his sperm. They pee into each other's faces again and once more she drinks his pee. Outside, in the staircase, a girl knocks on the door. No one answers the door, so she sits down upon the stairs and takes off her shirt.

Scene 6. Harry and Wally spy on a girl who is walking in the wood. She has blond hair, a Seventeen headband, a grey-green Seventeen shirt and a pair of trousers. She takes off her trousers, lowers her shirt and masturbates with a vibrator.

Scene 7. Several girls showing their tits and/or pussy on the street and in a park.

Scene 8. Wally crosses a suspension bridge. On this side of the bridge Harry lifts her skirt, showing she doesn't wear pants. On the other side she shows her pussy and her tits.

Scene 9. A dark blond girl is being driven round the town on the back seat of a car. Her breasts are bare. At the side of the road several girls bare their breasts too. The girl is eating a banana. Two guys lead her into a cabin, where she is posing topless for them. She allows them to feel her breasts. Finally she removes her panties. I have seen many pictures of this girl (according to the text preceding this scene she is Russian and called Tanja) on the internet, but I could not find more information about her.

Scene 10. Lisa Stretton (long blond hair, white sweater, black miniskirt) enters a room where two men are sitting on a couch. She undresses immediately, but keeps on a suspender-belt and nylons. She blows both gentlemen; one of them has tattoos all over his body, even on his cock. Lisa goes into the bedroom with the tattooed chap. She blows him and he shags her missionary style. The other man joins them. She blows him, while the tattooed man fucks her doggy style. The tattooed man squirts into her mouth. Another missionary fuck, this time by the other man. It is the tattooed chap however, who squirts into her mouth a second time.

Scene 11. The mayor of Teen Town masturbates while watching two blond girls with Seventeen headbands who lick each other's pussies. They also play with a dildo and a vibrator. The mayor is Wally's husband Wolfgang Richter. The shots of the girls have been taken from 'Lesbian Teens, Vol. 1'. Seventeen calls them Lori and Carrie and I think they are Hungarian.

Scene 12. Wally and Harry enter Teen Town. It looks a lot like a district of Amsterdam.

Scene 13. A blonde films a couple of girls undressing. One of them, also blond, masturbates with a vibrator.

Scene 14. Wally and Harry visit Studio Seventeen. They meet a blonde playing with her tits, another blonde masturbating and a brunette being fucked by a blond stud with a beard. Their part ends with a long-distance facial.

Scene 15. Harry and Wally enter a block of flats. Walking up the stairs they meet several half-naked girls. In one of the upper floors they enter a film studio. Wally shows her pussy in the midst of the equipment.

Scene 16. They watch a video. A half-caste man called General Anal watches a half-caste girl sitting on a sofa and masturbating with a banana. She has a bit of a fright when she notices him, but he assures her that he likes watching her. She allows him to eat her pussy. Suddenly he is naked and she blows him. She undresses and starts masturbating again. He fucks her missionary style. Next, while she is lying up against the sofa with her buttocks on top, he puts his fingers into her arse and her pussy. Then he fucks her in her butthole. They finish with a blowjob.

Scene 17. Still in the studio, Wally is being shagged by the stray prick. We only witness the moment she realises what is happening.

The division into scenes that I have made is my own choice. The DVD version has eight scenes. Scene 1 = my Scenes 1 & 2. Scene 2 = my Scenes 3 & 4. Scene 3 = my Scene 5. Scene 4 = my Scenes 6, 7 & 8. Scene 5 = my Scenes 9 & 10. Scene 6 = my scenes 11, 12 & 13. Scene 7 = my Scenes 14 & 15. Scene 8 = my Scenes 16 & 17. Most scenes are preceded by a text (German on the DVD), but those texts usually do not throw much light on what is happening.

The DVD version, obviously meant for the German market, has a very long intro with commercials for a German dating line and a German dating magazine. The intro becomes quite boring when one has watched it a few times.

Review by Middle_Aged_Dutchman

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