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(The division into scenes that I have made is arbitrary. Other divisions are possible too. I think that all scenes, except those featuring Wally, have been taken from other Seventeen videos. When I recognised a scene, I make mention of it.)

The two protagonists of the plot (if you may call it a plot) are Horny Harry and Wally Richter. Horny Harry is the producer of the 'Excuse Me' series. In those films he picks up girls from the street, takes them along to his hotel room, talks them out of their clothes and films them while masturbating and/or playing with a vibrator. Sometimes he has sex with them. Wally Richter is a German girl, who was one of Harry's 'victims' in 'Excuse Me, Vol. 1'. She has starred in a few more Seventeen productions afterwards (like 'Teenage Home Video, Vol. 4: Laura's First Time' and 'Wally's Tagebuch (Wally's Diary) 1 & 2').

Harry and Wally have landed in the fictitious Teen Town, peopled by horny teenage girls and lucky men.

Scene 1: Harry (handling the camera and never on the screen) interviews a girl with blonde curls in a Seventeen stand on a fair. They are talking in a mixture of English and German. Another blonde with a Seventeen t-shirt removes her knickers and masturbates between racks with papers. The first blonde invites Harry to accompany her to the toilet. There she shows her pussy.

Scene 2: Wally is outside waiting for Harry, wearing a Seventeen headband, a Seventeen t-shirt, shorts and a camera. She meets Harry and they discuss their problem: no money to pay their rent. They enter a job centre, but the girls who work there have no time for them. A prick without body walking through the office spreads panic. A blonde with a Seventeen headband is being screwed on a table by a guy, doggy style first, missionary afterwards. (The scene is a shortened version of a scene in a video called 'Schoolgirls Do It'.) A dark blond girl, also in a Seventeen headband and with her clothes turned up and stripped down, is masturbating with a banana, sitting on a desk.

Scene 3: Telephonic interview with an impresario, who does not want to employ filthy people like Harry and Wally. This short scene consists of three cartoons and one has to use the pause key to read the balloons.

Scene 4: With their camera they shoot some attractive girls, most of them in a Seventeen t-shirt and/or a Seventeen headband, shopping in a superstore and roller-skating in a rink and outside. Harry and Wally decide to split. Both will try to shoot an interesting scene that they can sell.

Scene 5: Wally shoots two guys stepping out of a car. They pay a visit to an Asian (probably Thai) girl. As it happens, she is just masturbating stark naked with a dildo. After she has been caught, a threesome follows. The guys eat and finger her pussy. The one fucks her, while she administers a blowjob to the other. The men change positions. Finally both men squirt their sperm over her face. She licks the last drops from their cocks.

Scene 6: This scene has supposedly been shot by Harry. A girl with curly blond hair, in a sun visor and a black Seventeen t-shirt persuades a window-cleaner to climb a ladder with a camera (the scene has been taken from 'Teeners from Holland, Vol. 2'). Through a window he shoots a dark blond girl masturbating naked on a bed. When she has come, she falls asleep.

Scene 7: The window-cleaner walks on the windowsill to the next window. There a girl with long blond curls and a Seventeen headband lowers her Seventeen dress. While she is playing with her tits, the camera zooms in on her crotch. For a moment she pulls aside her knickers; then she devotes herself to her tits again. The window-cleaner descends the ladder. The girl who sent him up shows him her tits and pussy as a reward.

Scene 8: Harry is making film shoots at the 'House of Hidden Pleasures'. Through a window he films the strawberry blond Tiffany Walker, naked on a bed. Just a moment, then he turns to the next window, where two blond girls, only dressed in a Seventeen headband and a Seventeen t-shirt, entertain a gentleman. Girl no. 1 produces his cock and starts sucking it. Girl no. 2 takes over the job after he has removed her t-shirt. He fucks girl no. 1, now naked too, anally, reverse cowgirl style, while girl no. 2 fingers and licks her pussy. Then he fucks girl no. 2 the same way; meanwhile she fingers herself. Girl no. 2 wanks him off and he squirts over her face. The scene is a summary of a much longer scene in 'Teenage Sauna'. The girls are Russian or Bulgarian.

Scene 9: Back to Tiffany Walker, who now has a visitor with a grey goatee. He undresses quickly and they fuck missionary, doggie, reverse cowgirl and again doggie style. He finishes by wanking himself off and squirting his sperm over her face. She licks the last drops from his cock. This is a shortened version of Tiffany's boy/girl scene in 'Teenage Perversions Vol. 8' (6 minutes vs. the original 15 minutes).

Scene 10: Harry turns to the other window again. The man has gone and the East European girls are lying on the bed. Girl no. 1 pees over girl no. 2. Then we see a cartoon of a policeman confiscating Harry's video. How the scenes he just shot have landed in the film is an unanswered question.

Scene 11: Harry meets Wally again. Together they enter a shop, where they film a blonde wearing only a dress, which she has turned up and stripped down. She stuffs a vibrator into a hollow dildo and masturbates, sitting in a chair.

Scene 12: Somewhere else in the shop a punk couple, both with a Mohican haircut, are lying on a bed. They satisfy each other. The boy eats the girl's pussy for a moment, then it's back to the manual work again. At last she blows him. He squirts over her tits and her face. The girl uses a vibrator with a clit stimulator to bring herself off.

Scene 13: The girl of Scene 11 again. She is lying on a bed in a see-through blouse and a tucked-up skirt. She is fingering herself. A man enters; his face is off-screen, but he has a beard. She carries on imperturbably. They talk in German. A balloon pops up: 'Oh my. This is terrible. Harry just uncovered the identity of Teen Town's secret benefactor. Wally, don't let him publish that. This could well mean the end of Teen Town.' (I left out the exclamation marks and the capitalization.) ????

Scene 14: Indeed there is some debate between Harry and Wally about the need for publishing this interesting fact. To the great relief of all spectators the following text appears: 'Thank God it's Wednesday. No one's gonna buy Harry's stuff today as Jan Courier's girlfriend Lisa's giving French lessons to Teen Town's British community.' (I left out the exclamation marks and the capitalization again.)

A blond and a dark blond girl are lying naked on a bed. Around the bed three men are standing, playing with their cocks hanging out of their trousers. Two of them I saw before. The one is Lee Francis, the balding, middle-aged man who shags Tiffany Walker in 'Teenage Home Video 3: Jane's First Time'. The other is the man playing Charles Fortisque in 'The Triple X Files (The Memories of Charles Fortisque)'. The blond girl is Lisa Stretton; I could not identify the other.

The dark blonde sneaks away with Charles (let's call him Charles). Lisa blows Lee. In a side room the dark blonde is being fucked cowgirl style by Charles. The camera returns to the bedroom, where the third man, tattooed from top to toe, is lying on the bed, sucked off by Lisa. Lee plays with her pussy for a moment. The tattooed chap fucks Lisa doggy style and squirts into her mouth in the end. Close-up of her sperm-smeared mouth.

The dark blonde is being fucked doggy style by Charles. Later it's Lisa's turn to be fucked, while she exchanges French kisses with the dark blonde. Charles returns to the dark blonde again. In the end he squirts his sperm over both girls' faces. Lisa spreads the sperm over the other girl's tits. I had French lessons at school, but as I remember them, they were quite different.

Scene 15: Wally films Teen Town's mayor, who is receiving a robust looking man in his vest. The macho hands a parcel to the mayor, who hides it in his inner pocket. Wally addresses the mayor, who borrows her camera and films her while she blows him. He squirts over her face. The blowing scene is being displayed in quick motion. The mayor is Wally's boyfriend (or perhaps her husband).

Scene 16: Chaotic scene with some girls undressing in a park, putting on sun tan oil, sunbathing and masturbating. One of the girls pees (this part has been taken from 'Nymphs of Nature, Vol. 1'). Another girl is Chinese and a balloon tells us she is Harry's landlady.

Scene 17: Two girls in miniskirts are cleaning windows, while four other girls, posing on and around a stepladder, show their tits.

Scene 18: A girl with black hair, in a top only, climbs a staircase. A blonde in a red t-shirt only descends the same stairs. A black-haired girl and a brunette exchange French kisses. They lick each other's breasts and pussies. One of the girls uses a dildo on the other.

Scene 19: Harry meets Wally again. They film a sacrificial ceremony near a Chinese temple. In a courtyard a Chinese girl is dancing naked and two naked Chinese girls are being photographed by a fully dressed Chinese girl.

Scene 20: (By now I have abandoned all hope ever to understand the plot.) On a computer screen we read an advertisement that Harry is wanted by the police because of evasion of taxes, rent and fatherhood. Wally is quite worried. Next we see a series of cartoons (a theatre called 'Club Seventeen', a house called 'Model Home', ...). Through a window we watch several scenes: blowjobs, masturbation, fucking. One of the scenes features Laura Turner.

Scene 21 : Harry (as always off-screen, though his hands are visible for a moment) and Wally are sitting and talking, when the macho from Scene 15 enters and claims the rent (in Dutch). He grants them four hours to raise the money. So they take up their camera and walk.

Scene 22: Short preview of 'Teen Town 4': hardcore scenes in a cabin in the woods.

Scene 23: A series of cartoons: the impresario of Scene 3 explains to his niece what happened in 'Teen Town' 1 and 2. His balloons are in English, hers in German. Don't expect to understand the plot after having read these texts. Scenes from the films are displayed in a window.

Review by Middle_Aged_Dutchman

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