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Released: 2001
Director: Omar Williams
Notes: Tabu
Alternate Titles
  • British Glam Sluts Volume 1 R18 DVD available USA, Big Willy Productions
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DVD  18.99 EUR Orgazmik: Techno-Miezen Tabu Film 3
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Notes and Reviews

DVD, Tabu, 2001

This is a hard core version of Omar's TVX series Glamour Sluts. This is basically a silent movie format and is not a bad idea. There are also some great girls included, but all is spoiled by too many lousy camera angles and far too much faffing about in the edit suite. However, perhaps the latter was done to compensate for the former as there just might not have been enough footage with good camera angles to fill a film. They really must use more cameras next time or get better cameramen. Medium distance shots where the penetration is just out of view is excellent for TVX but frustrating for the viewer of a supposedly hard core video and frustration is what hard core is designed to prevent! Similarly, contrary to the belief that seems to be prevalent among some porn producers, endless close-ups are not erotic. While I'm at it another porn gripe is the habit of making up cast names for the end credits which are totally different from those given elsewhere, e.g. the box cover, or in this case at the start of each scene. Or vice versa. The former is a moronic German habit which is followed in this film, and I have also seen examples of the reverse where the end credits were accurate but the cover used fictional names. Rant over.

  • Window - Delphine and Tony
    Delfynn de Lage (French, not listed) joins a man sitting in a chair in front of a window and masturbating. Sex includes anal and facial.
  • Silver - Kreem and Kerry
    Kerry is Kerry Nixon. Kreem is a black girl. Both wear platinum wigs and have been sprayed with glitter. Lesbian scene.
  • Seaside - Sarah, Emma and Omar
    Sarah Carter and Emma [11] topless with fishnet stockings and brief panties find Omar sitting in a chair wearing a black hat and dozing. He initially resists their overtures but then a threesome develops in which Emma takes anal and they share a facial. The one good thing about this video is that the facials are shown from two angles one after the other.
  • Wedding - Melissa and Tony
    Melissa Walker comes down stairs in white undies and meets her groom. Sex on the stairs. She looks fantastic but the first part of the scene is ruined by poor camera angles. These get a bit better later. Anal, facial.
  • Nite Time - Baby and Tony
    Baby is dressed in a blue cowboy hat and nothing else, fucking Tony who cums over her belly.
  • Birthday - Jackie, Calvin and Tony
    It is Jacqui Ebony's birthday and she is lying on her bed surrounded by teddy bears and presents, dressed in diaphanous white lingerie and dreaming of the two men she would really like as her present. Initially these are sitting stock still by the bed in black top hats and bow ties and nothing else. (There's some sort of voodoo allusion here, but I've forgotten the name of the character this form of dress represents.) Eventually she gives them blowjobs and has sex, including a DP, again not well shot - reverse cowgirl, but shown clearly only in close up, and takes facials.

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