< Teenage Wives Vol. 1: Three Young Wives

Released: 2001
Notes: Strand SP012
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Review copy courtesy of Strand.

Laura Turner is drinking at a bar and chatting to a male friend when Chris News arrives and begins to chat to them both, buying drinks etc. He challenges Laura to a game of pool. She says she hasn't played before (untrue) and he uses this as a chance to coach and touch. They begin to get turned on and so does the barmaid who has moved out from behind the bar to watch. It is she and Laura who get it on on the pool table with Chris returning to the sidelines to watch - as do the many other occupants of the bar - actually a large room with a bar in it. This is claimed to be a nightclub, but is too well lit for that I think. That, however, is all to the good for us viewers. The barmaid (credited as Rosemary Grey, a tall attractive brunette) goes down on Laura as she lies on the pool table and then they reverse roles and a large dildo appears in Laura's hands out of thin air. The lesbian action proceeds and the two girls obviously enjoy it. The cameraman moves round the table so that one can see the large audience in the background to the action.

Then they join Chris on a couch. Unfortunately this is against the wall so that the camera cannot get round to the far side of them from the audience. Laura gets his cock out as he gropes Rosemary and then a double blow job occurs before Laura deep throats him. Chris goes down on Rosemary while Laura sucks him from behind. Then they swap over. Chris fucks Laura in several positions and fucks Rosemary doggy style. Laura takes the facial but transfers the cum to Rosemary's mouth as she sucks Chris clean.

This is a very hot scene with a good slow build up (Chris's acting has improved) and I didn't use the fast forward once. However, disbelief was not quite suspended - mainly perhaps because Laura and Chris are just too well known, but also because there wasn't quite the air of tension among the audience that there would have been if this had been truly spontaneous, though the barmaid's involvement could well have been unscripted as claimed. There should perhaps have been intercutting to the faces of the audience, though this would have needed another camera - John Leslie's The Curse of the Catwoman, especially the last scene, is an excellent example of how this can be used to build up a tense atmosphere. However, one of the best scenes I've watched for a while.

Shannice is a short Scottish blonde with short straight hair, ever so slightly not-quite-slim (this is not a criticism - she looks fine) and with a cute face. She has arranged for Chris News to come to shag her and meets him at the station. She is too nervous to do much in the car, though she reveals she is not wearing knickers, or for a lot of chat and asks to get straight down to the action. This suits Chris fine. There is vigorous sex on the couch including anal and ending in a facial. Good basic porn with a good-looking girl enjoying herself.

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