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I have seen five videos of the 'Teenage Perversions' series: Vols. 1, 4, 5, 6 and 8. Vol. 8 is the least 'perverse' of them. Fucking, masturbating and pissing are normal human activities. Most people fuck, masturbate and piss regularly. Perhaps you could call the foursome in the last scene 'perverse', but did you notice that each participant sticks to his or her own partner? The other videos have some similar scenes, but unlike Vol. 8 they also feature SM (whips, nipple clamps, etc.) and bondage. Vol. 1 even has a girl eating her own shit (just remembering this scene turns my stomach).

Most Seventeen videos (and this one too) have continuous background music (somewhat like meditation music or a rather weak Pink Floyd instrumental). Most dialogues are unintelligible (if you are lucky, you can hear which language is being spoken), but the moaning of the girls' orgasms has been mixed into the music and is clearly audible.

Scene 1: Manon - A brunette with a Seventeen headband undresses and masturbates next to a plastic penis of half a man's height.

Scene 2: Melanie & Jim - In most Seventeen videos she appears in, Tiffany Walker is called Jane, but in this film her name is Melanie. She is lying naked upon a bed and makes a phone call. She puts down the telephone and starts masturbating. A man with greying hair and a short beard enters. After a short blowjob, they have sex: cowgirl, missionary, doggie, reverse cowgirl, and again doggy style. At last 'Jim' jacks off and squirts his sperm on Tiff's face. She plays with his dick and his sperm.

Scene 3: Petra - A black-haired girl undresses slowly, while playing at first with her breasts, then with her shaved pussy. She finishes the job with a vibrator. Interesting detail: she has Chinese characters on some of her artificial nails.

Scene 4: Eva & John - A blonde in a flower-patterned dress and a fat boy in a t-shirt and shorts are sitting on the floor, playing a game of cards. After a brief difference of opinion they start cuddling. Soon he has her tits in his mouth. He removes her dress and her bra, pulls her knickers to one side and starts eating her pussy. They convert a chair into a bed and she kneels on his face. Then she brings out his cock and they perform 69. Suddenly they are both completely naked and fucking doggie and missionary style. He squirts on her belly. They kiss passionately.

Scene 5: Mary - Brief scene of a blonde girl taking off her knickers and masturbating.

Scene 6: Marina & Dennis - A black-haired girl in a jumper and a pair of jeans is being undressed by her blond boyfriend. In the meantime he manages to strip off his own clothes too. He eats her pussy. Then she blows his cock. They fuck doggie style (she has hanging breasts), cowgirl, doggie again, and missionary style. He squirts on her belly.

Scene 7: Goldie - A blonde in a Seventeen t-shirt plays with a large vibrator and comes passionately. She rises and pees into a pot. She proudly shows us the result. By the way, the pot looks exactly like the pot Tiffany Walker is using for the same purpose in 'Teen Town Vol. 6'. Goldie is also lying upon the same bed as Tiffany in this film and two other Seventeen productions. Assuming those scenes were shot in Britain, there is a big chance that 'Goldie' is living in Britain too. As a matter of fact, she is. I found out she is Jane Whitehouse, who also features in three more Seventeen videos.

Scene 8: Natasja & Roy/Lena & Dave - A dark blonde girl is in bed with her boyfriend, both naked. Suddenly outside, on the balcony, another dark blonde and her boyfriend appear and look through the window. They enter through the balcony door and the next moment they are naked and on the bed too. The couples perform parallel blowjobs, parallel fucking (one couple missionary, the other cowgirl style) and parallel doggie style fucking. At last, both boys wank off and squirt their sperm on their partners' faces. The girls exchange French kisses.

Review by Middle_Aged_Dutchman

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