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Released: 1998
Director: Michael Zen
Notes: Cal Vista, Metro
Alternate Titles
  • Michael Zen's Taboo 17
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 87 mins.

Taboo 17 is the highly-stylised tale of cat burglar Misty Rain whose method of operation is a little different to the norm. After breaking into houses, she entices the owners to fulfil their sexual fantasies and taboos whilst emptying their safes.

The first mansion she enters is owned by Mark Davis. In her black maid's outfit Roxanne Hall serves him breakfast. It's uneatable. Lifting her short skirt she bends over his knees for her punishment - a good bum spank. Misty watches as Roxanne's cheeks take on a rosy glow and, her black knickers pulled to one side, Mark rams his fingers into her fanny. After the pain the pleasure. Roxanne lies face down on the table, Mark probing her pussy till she climaxes. She drops to her knees to swallow his dick. Spit dribbles down his shaft and over Roxanne's fingers as she wanks. She stands, a leg raised on a chair. Climbing beneath her, Mark munches at her shaven snatch. Stepping down she is entered from behind and Roxanne's body buckles and falls forward. With the pair fully shagging away, Misty clears the safe of cash and jewels. She stops to see Roxanne fill her mouth with cum, then disappears.

Misty's other victims are Sydnee Steel who is covered in petals and leaves, pony girl Caressa Savage tied up in a dungeon and Inari Vachs swathed in cling film and strapped to her partner.

Misty ends up teasing a guy in traction on a hospital bed while her mind flashes back to her other crimes.

The film is exquisitely shot and accompanied by an atmospheric soundtrack in keeping with the action in the scenes. The costumes and sets are also spot on. This is Michael Zen's work at its best - hot and erotic. The only slight gripe is with the mastering to DVD. An 87 minute film should easily fit onto one side of a DVD but Metro/Cal Vista have issued this as a double sider so half way through the film it stops and you have to turn it over, just like the old records. That apart it's a really nice view.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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