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Released: 2011
Director: James Avalon
Notes: Penthouse
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Running time: 95 mins.

Set in the world of high finance, Ann Marie Rios and Eric Marsterson are trapped in an unhappy marriage. Each wants out but neither want to relinquish control of their multi-million dollar company. Looking for the ultimate solution, they use their friends and associates Scarlett Fay and Lexi Belle to place a contract on their other halves. Both end up hiring hit-girl Roxanne Hall.

In a camouflage bikini, Roxanne is in the garden with her paint gun, using Niko, who for some unexplained reason is dressed as a rabbit, as target practice. A few well aimed shots and Niko is trapped against the lounger. Roxanne makes a grab for his cock and starts to wank. Peeling down her bikini bottoms, Roxanne brushes herself against his face and drags her nails over his body. She sits with his tongue darting into her pussy, then slides down his chest towards his shaft. Easing herself onto Niko's length, Roxanne rides reverse. Falling onto all fours, Nilo thrust between her legs, then pulls out to shower Roxanne's tits with cream.

Inviting Ann Marie and Eric to a warehouse, Roxanne takes the money from each but refuses to do the hit. Splitting the cash with Lexi and Scarlett, she tells Ann Marie and Eric to make up. Otherwise, they will have to answer to her. The two have sex as never before and wonder why they ever fell out.

Very well produced and beautifully shot with a top class cast, Screwed has a lot going for it. But... why is Niko dressed as a rabbit? The storyline, if slightly predictable with its twist at the end, is strong enough and there's no need for the gimmick of Roxanne being shagged by someone in a bunny suit.

Screwed is strange.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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