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Released: 2006
Director: Tony T
Notes: Original Entertainment
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Running time: 193 mins.

Director Tony T subjects a series of girls, including Adriana Jollee, Nadia Styles, Julie Robbins and the Brits Renee Richards and Roxy Jezel, to some rough and hard tonsil bashing for his film Sore Throat. If the girls were fine when they turned up at the studio, by the time they reached the end of their scenes it was out with the throat pastels to soothe the heavy pounding they'd received from the guys.

In baby pink bra and panties, Renee is forced back on the sofa by a guy. Prising open her mouth, he jams the full length of his dick down her throat. Gagging, Renee coughs and splutters, spraying the lens as her mouth is filled. Eyes streaming and mascara streaked across her cheeks, the guy continues to ram her throat. Yanking down Renee's panties, the guy spanks her arse till it glows rosy red, then he drives his dick into her pussy. Smacking her pierced clit, he pulls and tweaks at her nipples as he bangs. Kneeling, the guy spits on her face before cramming his cock back into Renee's mouth. Jabbing his fingers into her arse, he pulls Renee onto his lap to ride. Shooting his load between her lips, Renee rinses the cum round her mouth and swallows.

A pleading Roxy is held against a wall by her throat. The guy holding her drags her across the room and throws her onto a sofa. Squeezing his shaft down Roxy's throat, his balls press against her nose. Saliva streams from her mouth. Eyes running, a second dick is slapped against her wet face as the two men ravage her pussy. Mouth and nose pouring, the pair slam away at Roxy's tonsils. Pulled onto the floor, she's spit-roasted. Roxy's black dress is tugged off and the boys pack her mouth with their fingers as they DP her. Turning her upside down, the guys pile drive into her pussy. They both fire their cream into Roxy's mouth. She gargles and swallows.

While a bit of rough and tumble is okay in a film, I found Sore Throat too extreme for my tastes. Seeing girls getting their mouths yanked open and spat at, with their faces used as ash trays, is neither erotic or entertaining. With Sore Throat, director Tony T has overstepped the mark in my book.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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