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Released: 2010
Director: Eli Cross
Notes: Penthouse
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Running time: 90 mins.

'Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned' as Marcus London finds out after his screen wife, Roxanne Hall, discovers he has been cheating on her. Aided by her friend, Kylie Ireland, Roxanne sets out to get her revenge on the wayward Marcus.

A tipsy Roxanne sits in a club with Kylie and Adrianna Nicole and tells of her philandering husband, when the three are approached by Mickey Butders. Kylie takes Nicole to the rest room for some girl-on-girl action, leaving the unsuspecting Mickey to Roxanne.

In a cheap hotel, Roxanne flops onto the bed, pulling Mickey down beside her. Easing her boobs out from her dress, she thrusts them into his face as her hands find their way into his jeans. Silver dress off, Roxanne lies back to be licked. The two tumble round the bed as she takes his dick in her mouth. Sucking off her juices, Roxanne slips down on to the cock. Rocking and riding, her body drips with sweat. The pair collapse onto their sides to continue. Mickey pulls out to shower Roxanne in cum.

Roxanne finds that, whilst working late, Marcus has been having more sex with his secretary Beverley Hills. She is determined to do something about it and an opportunity arises when Kylie finds out from a friend that Marcus is mixed up in money laundering.

Kidnapped, Marcus is dragged to a warehouse where Roxanne and Kylie put on a show for him. The girls kiss then move to a sofa with Nick Manning. In pink slip-on stockings, Roxanne bends over to lap at Nick's dick. Kylie crouches over him and plants her pussy on his face. The girls swap places. Marcus looks on as the three move to an old mattress. Roxanne tongues at her friend Kylie as she's fucked missionary. Turning on to all fours, Roxanne tells her husband to watch as she eases Nick into her arse. Kylie joins in, jabbing in her fingers. With Nick on his back, Roxanne rides his shaft up her bum. Moving over, she lets Kylie be taken anally. Ready to cum, Nick fires his load over the girls' breasts. They get dressed just as the FBI arrive.

The story line, sets and blue hue to the lighting, give Scorned a slightly retro 80's feel, although the acting and performances from the cast are far better than you would expect from a movie of that ilk. For Roxanne fans, Scorned shows that she's as sexy as ever and still producing hot, hot films. This is well worth a watch.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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