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Released: 2009
Director: B. Skow
Notes: Vivid, widescreen
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Running time: 183 mins.

With five great girls, Meggan Mallone, Hanna Hilton, Jaelyn Fox and Brits Poppy Morgan and Sophie Dee, Vivid's Suck It is more than just a straight forward blow job movie. The film gets off to an inauspicious start with a dull and lifeless scene starring Meggan, wrapping her red painted lips around a guy's cock. From that point on things get a lot better.

Sophie drops a cherry into her cocktail and slowly runs her tongue around the edge of the glass. Dipping her finger into her drink, she holds it against her lips then into her mouth. Standing up, Sophie's yellow summer dress falls off her shoulders and slinks its way down her body. Her hand follows till it reaches her black lace knickers. She starts to pull at her pubes. Panties off, Sophie comes closer to the camera. She bends and wriggles in front of the lens. Moving to the sofa, Sophie stretches. A finger presses into her clit as she tweaks her nipples. Jerry arrives. Dribbling on his dick, Sophie wanks before wrapping her red lips around the shaft. Head back, she takes his cock deep down her throat. The dripping prick is rubbed between her cleavage. Straddling Jerry, Sophie sinks his cock into her pussy. He spanks her bum as she rides. She reaches back and eases a finger into her arse. The two twist round to shag spoons. On hands and knees, Sophie is fucked from behind. She rolls over to face Jerry, pulling her pussy wide to accept his cock. Pulling out, he squirts his jizz over her face and shoulders.

Poppy and Jaelyn are doing a little naked baking in the kitchen. The girls try tasting cake mix off each other's boobs, then dip their hands in the bowl and smear the sticky mess over their bodies. Licked clean, the pair head for Alex on the sofa. Positioned either side, they tongue up and down his shaft. Climbing onto his shoulders, Poppy gets fingered and licked. With a slightly pained look, Jaelyn gets her pussy played with. The three manoeuvre on the sofa, Poppy sitting on Alex's dick. She wipes the wet tool over Jaelyn's face before she too takes a ride. The girls swap and swap about as first they're fucked reverse, then doggy. Jaelyn ends up on her back, her body covered in cream. Poppy licks it up.

The scenes with Sophie and Poppy are the highlight of the film. The promised four man gang bang for Meggan turns out to be three and while Hanna Hilton puts in a reasonable performance, the film lacks consistency. Once a byword for quality, Vivid's latest productions lack that 'edge'. Yes, Suck It is a good picture and easy to watch, but it just looks like a set of decent scenes strung together with little thought of the overall concept of the film.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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