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Released: 2008
Director: Dyanna Lauren
Notes: Spearmint Rhino
Alternate Titles
  • Dyanna Lauren's Sweat 2
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 112 mins.

For her Sweat series, Dyanna Lauren has adopted a simple approach. The sets are almost bare, draped in plain white cloth with a swag of black and the furniture consists of a small round plinth. It is against this minimalist backdrop that Alektra Blue, Jasmine Byrne, Lindsey Medows and Sophie Dee perform.

Hardly recognisable with her long dark hair in waves, Sophie sits wearing a black lace top which covers a red bra. Dropping the straps off her shoulders, Sophie peels down the cups to play with her boobs. Spreading her legs, her hand reaches down to her pussy. Sophie slips in a finger and probes her arse. With her hand moving faster, she starts to pant and falls back on to the plinth. A leather clad Tony de Sergio appears by Sophie's side. She releases the bulge from his pants and starts to suck. As she laps and dribbles, Marcus London arrives, his cock at the ready. Sophie's mouth yo-yos between the two. Kneeling in red high heels, Sophie is fucked at both ends. The boys take turns to fill her mouth and pussy. Climbing onto Tony's cock, Sophie invites Marcus to enter her arse. The pair bang away at both holes. Crouching and open-mouthed, Sophie waits for the two to empty their loads over her face.

All the scenes in Sweat 2 follow the same basic format; girls in sexy kit and extra high heels give an introductory solo, followed by boy/girl or girl/girl action. Nicely shot and nicely performed, the only minor gripe is an overindulgence in the use of arty black and white sections in the scenes. But I can live with that. An enjoyable film to watch.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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