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Released: 2007
Director: Neville
Notes: Film Erotica
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When making a sex film with a narrative theme you can either turn your plot into a shooting script and film all the scenes you need; or you can take your cast, do some filming and stitch together the rushes to form some kind of story. Director Neville seems to have opted for the latter and has compounded the confusion by casting four similar girls and asking us to believe that Renee Richards and Lee Henshaw have a twenty year old daughter.

Rich girl Tiffanny invites her friend Harmony back to her parents' period house where they find Louise, who has been handcuffed to the wardrobe naked since the morning. Harmony finds the situation too weird, leaving Tiffanny and Louise to have brief sex on the bed, which includes anal beads for Louise. The scene ends abruptly as Tiffanny is seen stealing money which she finds hidden in a drawer.

Meanwhile, in another part of the house, Renee slips out of her bathrobe and slips between the sheets with Lee Henshaw and the two fuck on a four poster bed. As Lee and Renee perform, Tiffanny watches her parents from the doorway.

Tiffanny meets another girlfriend, Mai, for coffee, then brings her home for a little light pussy-licking and fingering. But this scene doesn't go anywhere and stops.

Later, outside the Natural History Museum, Tiffanny and Harmony meet Louise and her new boyfriend, Wayne. Tiffanny realises that Louise hasn't fucked Wayne yet so she takes all her friends back to her place where she gets Wayne to fuck Harmony then herself. Tiffanny then announces that her parents are due back and all four decamp to Wayne's place where the naked fucking continues between Wayne, Harmony and Tiffanny, ending with a joint facial. While Louise gets intimate with the other girls, she ends the scene yet to be fucked by her boyfriend.

In the bathroom, Tiffanny is confronted by mother Renee about the stolen money. Renee lifts Tiffanny's dress to reveal no knickers so she starts by spanking Tiff's arse with a hairbrush and this develops into sex.

Louise, now alone with her boyfriend in their kitchen, kneels in front of him for a two-minute blowjob, which ends with cum all over her face.

Finally, Tiffany and Mai meet Lee and Steve Hooper by a flower stall and return to the house where all four have sex. The girls get naked (apart from Tiff's hold-ups) and fuck both guys side by side on a big brocade sofa. Tiffanny takes both guys in cowgirl DP before Lee delivers a fake anal creampie and Steve shoots his load over Mai's belly.

Since anyone buying this film will be doing so to watch some very attractive and sexy women get fucked, they will get their money's worth. Eschewing modern, light, interiors the production is set in a period house with low light, which can often mean the action is hard to see, but this is not a problem here. The sex is good with some imaginative couplings; new boy Wayne services Harmony and Tiffanny together very well and there are nice set pieces, such as when Mai drops to her knees to unzip and suck Steve's cock while Tiffanny and Lee stand and watch impassively for a while.

All the girls put in fine performances, as you would expect from Renee and Harmony, while Tiffanny is well cast as an ordinary girl with a huge sexual appetite. Watching Mai Bailey's lithe body slide up and down Lee and Steve's cocks is a real pleasure. Full marks for the sex, but the confusing narrative has slipped a tale of sex and incest past the BBFC as Tiffanny has full sex with both her parents!

Review by Bayleaf
June 2007

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