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Released: 2007
Director: Wendy Stevenson
Notes: Swalk Productions
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Running time: 94 mins.

Director Wendy Stevenson and new production company Swalk have kept things simple for Shop Secrets, their first foray into film. Using the highly experienced Starr and Wendy Taylor, along side newer girls Morgan and KazB, the movie examines the sexy goings on when the shops are empty and the shutters down.

Starr wanders round the darkened streets, window shopping. Spotting the jewellers, she enters to get a chain fixed just as they're closing. Assistant Sensi can get the repair done straight away, but there is something else Starr wants. Leaning forward in her black plunge neck dress, she unzips Sensi's pants and sets about his big black cock with her mouth. He eases her boobs out and plays with her nipples. The black dress off, Starr stands in her stocking and knickers. Her arms entwined around Sensi, they kiss. The couple fall to the floor, Starr dragging her pussy over Sensi's face as they 69. His tongue flicks at her clit as she swallows his length. Bending over a chair, Starr is filled from behind. She turns to lap her juices off Sensi's dick. More action on the floor. Arching her back, Starr rides Sensi reverse as he mauls at her tits. Propped against the counter, the session ends missionary with Sensi spilling his spunk on Starr's face... The repair may take longer than expected.

Wendy has just locked up and is heading home when she bumps into Justin. He is looking for the sex shop to get something for his girlfriend. Wendy agrees to open up again. After viewing what's on offer, Justin is at a bit of a loss. Wendy thinks that by demonstrating some of the products he may get a better idea. Perched on the edge of the counter, Wendy yanks up her skirt and holds a vibrator against her pussy. Justin moves in for a closer look. Easing his fingers past her red panties, Justin sees how wet it has made Wendy. She drags him into the back of the shop to show more. Running her tongue over the tip of his cock, Wendy moves her lips along his shaft. Justin holds her head as she sucks. Unbuttoning Wendy's top, Justin fondles her boobs. She drops her skirt and knickers and sits on his cock. Spreading a towel on the floor, the couple roll around. Shagging doggy, Wendy gently rocks back against Justin's cock. More twists and turns and Wendy is on top before ending on her back, missionary. Justin manages to pull his cock out just in time to coat Wendy's cunt in cream.

Morgan and KazB sit behind the counter in a sports shop. With nothing going on, the two talk about their favourite subject - sex. All the talk gets the two girls horny. Unzipping KazB's black top, Morgan bites at her pert breasts, then slips her own bra off to have her nipples nibbled. Heading off for their tea break, the fun continues. KazB's pants are removed and a good dollop of lube is rubbed into her snatch followed by a large glass dildo. She wriggles and writhes. The girls swap places, Morgan pulling at her pussy through her big white knickers. KazB finds a double-ended dong which would look nice between her legs. Smearing more lube on the dong, KazB slips down the other end. The girls kneel back to back, the plastic rod linking their pussies as they edge closer and closer. The two turn and rub their slippery bodies together... They're called back to work.

Morgan calls round to see Wendy at the sex shop. She has boyfriend Keni in tow. Sneaking behind a stand, the two start to snog. Wendy watches on her CCTV. Calling out, she leaves for the bank. Morgan uses the opportunity to fill her mouth with Keni's cock. Pulling down her jeans, he laps and dribbles over her pussy. She moans as his fingers jab in. Wendy returns to find Morgan mounting Keni's dick as he sits on a chair. Lost for words, she strokes the pair then takes his dick deep down her throat. With Morgan being fucked missionary, Wendy fingers herself. She moves in to lap at Morgan's wet pussy. Keni jabs his cock into her mouth. Bent over the counter, Morgan is entered from behind. Keni hammers hard. She falls to her knees to take his load on her tits.

Shop Secrets has four nicely worked out scenes, which are carefully choreographed and, with the exception of a few camera wobbles, well shot. To Wendy Stevenson's credit, all the performers seem at ease in front of the lens and the action appears to flow naturally. A good first movie from Wendy and Swalk. Let's hope for lots more.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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