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Released: 2006
Director: Ara Bojina
Notes: 3 Vision Entertainment
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Running time: 98 mins.

Slut Angels is one of those American gonzo-style films which, as you watch, you are sure you have seen before. The film isn't however a compilation. It's all new work, shot at the back end of 2005, but using the same guys and the same house with the blue painted wall and black lacquered pictures it just looks like so many others. The film stars five girls: Michelle B., Laura Monroe, Melissa, Veronica and Kat with a mouth full of braces.

Michelle appears in the final scene. Sitting in string vest and slashed denim skirt, she tells how good she is at anal. The guy appears and she sticks her bum high in the air to have her arse hole licked. Kneeling, Michelle stares up with her big blue eyes as she slides cock past her tonsils. The guy runs his wet dick up and down her cleavage pefore ramming it back down her throat. Pulling the lace panties to one side, Michelle is shagged in her pussy. Her knickers removed, she goes down on all fours to get her bum bashed. Her boobs sway with each thrust. As she screams, juices ooze out of her arse and spatter the lens. She turns round to lick. With the guy lying back she mounts his manhood, hammering her arse down on his balls. The scene ends with Michelle being taken doggy on the floor. She spins round open mouthed to catch his cum on her tongue.

The individual scenes in the film are all quite well done, but there is little to link them together. As you would expect Michelle puts in a hot sizzling performance, but for sheer dirtiness the award must go to Laura Monroe who stuffs her pussy and arse with fingers. Watchable, but there is very little to distinguish Slut Angels from other gonzo films.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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