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Released: 2006
Director: Shane Diesel
Notes: Digital Sin
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Running time: 123 mins.

Shane Diesel may not be the most attractive man in the porn industry, but that's not what the girls see in him. With a cock which is almost as wide as it is long, there are queues of actresses wanting to try the Shane Diesel challenge. Only a few manage his full length and only a special few can take him up their arses - and this film has five of those. Angel Long is joined by the established US stars Flower Tucci and Ariana Jollee, with newer American star Chelsie Rae. The red-headed Vixen also appears.

Angel starts the film off. Running her hands over her emerald and black lingerie, she works her knickers over her hips amd they fall to the floor. With her fingers deep in her pussy, Shane arrives. Grabbing his girth, she guides his cock between her lips. With a throat full of dick, Angel pulls at her pussy. Stretching herself open, Angel eases Shane between her legs. She falls to the floor, rocking back on his cock as they shag doggy. A little riding cowgirl and Angel spins round, Shane's mighty manhood in her arse. She flops forward to be fucked. Digging her nails into her bum cheeks, she holds her arse open as Shane rams in. Angel tastes herself from his cock and wants more. Shane hammers into her gaping hole missionary before firing his load into Angel's mouth. She blows bubbles and swallows.

Though in essence each of the scenes is the same, each of the girls brings something different to the film. Angel Long looks super sexy as she is shagged, Ariana just smiles, Flower squirts like a fountain with Shane's cock up her arse and Chelsie screams like a siren. Though some 'single genre' films can become a little boring after a short time, Shane Diesel Is In My Ass has enough variation to keep you entertained till the end.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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