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Released: 2006
Director: Pitt Forbes
Notes: Roué Productions
Notes and Reviews

Stoic disciplinarian Mr Meads has an ulterior motive for securing his position as History Teacher at St. Angela's College of Correction, and that is to get his cane in through the door as far as he can. Not content with what he deems to be his lowly teaching position, he cunningly and swiftly works his way up to Assistant Headmaster, and even better, Special Detention Master, who takes charge of the really bad girls - the ones who are even too naughty to be disciplined in class. This, for the manipulative and sadistic Mr Meads is the perfect position, for he has the privacy to torment whichever girls he chooses in his very own study - a privilege not usually extended to teachers at St. Angela's.

Being a very secretive man, very little is actually known about the background of Mr Meads, although there are rumours which he neither admits to, nor denies. In fact, upon occasion, Mr Meads has been said to be 'the most sadistic' Master at St. Angela's, even more so than the Headmaster, Mr Payne. Meads also holds the reputation for being the most evasive and private teacher. Thus, it is not possible to absolutely confirm which of the rumours are true, and which are false.

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