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Released: 2006
Director: Alessandro del Mar
Notes: Private Tropical
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Running time: 108 mins.

Set on a Caribbean island, Sexy Business is the story of microchips, multi-million pound deals with telephone companies and double crossing Jamie Brooks ... No, forget all that. The plot is incomprehensible; what the film has are 11 of the most glamorous girls in the business, including Jamie Brooks, Poppy Morgan, Kathy Anderson and Jane Darling, getting hot and erotic in an exotic tropical paradise.

Poppy is seen walking along the shore line in a dark blue summer dress which contrasts with the azure sea and white sand. Two guys at the back of the beach call her over and she is soon stripped to her stripy bikini as they nibble at her boobs. Poppy squeals with pleasure as the pair start to finger fuck her. Dropping to her knees in the sand she takes a cock in each hand. Her tongue dances over the guys' dicks as her hair is ruffled by the breeze. She is suspended hammock-style between the guys. One hammers away at her pussy while the other fills her mouth. Back on the ground, Poppy rides a guy up the arse and she doesn't seem to mind the sand sticking to her pussy when the second guy enters. With the waves lapping around the three, Poppy fills her mouth with the guys' cream and it dribbles out over her tits.

Jamie is serving drinks in the garden when she comes across two guys having sex with the dark haired beauty Simone Style. The boys invite Jamie to join in. As she bends forward to lap at cock, the guys lift her gypsy skirt and finger her fanny. Simone beside her has her bum crammed with dick. Jamie decides to have her own anal action and slowly sinks her bum onto an erect cock. One guy is never enough though; so, as she caresses Simone's breasts, a second dick fills her pussy. A good hard humping follows among the flora. The girls lie side by side to be showered in spunk and they lick the white jizz of each other's bodies.

Even if the story did make sense in the script, by the time it was delivered by a mostly non-English-speaking cast there is no hope of understanding it. But the story line is incidental - the film is beautifully shot against stunning Caribbean backdrops with even more stunning girls getting down and dirty ... worth watching for that alone.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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