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Released: 2007
Director: Viv Thomas
Notes: Spice Studios / Viv Thomas, Playboy TV series
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Running time: 113 mins.

Shot in Portugal in 2006 for Playboy TV, Sordid Secrets is now released in its entirety by Spice Studios. The film stars Frankie as the bored ex-pat wife who finds new ways to occupy herself while her husband is out at work.

Things haven't been going well since Frankie and her husband moved to a place in the sun. The long hours he spends at the office have knocked the sparkle out of their marriage. Arriving home late again, Frankie passes her husband on the door step as she disappears off to her yoga class. Slumping down in front of the TV, he notices Frankie has left the camcorder plugged in. Pressing the play button, the screen flickers to life. Dressed in pink knickers, stockings and suspenders, Frankie appears on the bed beside a naked Silvia Lauren. The two kiss and press their breasts together. Their hands caress each other's flesh. Frankie falls back on the bed with Silvia biting at her boobs. Her mouth makes its way down her body, briefly stopping at her navel on its way down to Frankie's pussy. With Silvia's tongue against her clit, Frankie opens her legs wide. It makes her nipples stand erect. The girls swap, Silvia dropping onto all fours while Frankie gently laps at her pussy and arse. Wrapping their arms around each other, the girls lips meet as the tape ends.

The next night when Frankie heads out, her husband follows. Crouched in the bushes he sees Frankie and Silvia sitting on the patio, a guy sandwiched between them. The girls' tongues touch as they work their way up and down the guy's shaft. They take turns filling their mouths with dick. Stripped, Frankie bends to be fucked from behind as she chews at Silvia's cunt. The guy sits back. Silvia mounts him reverse with Frankie lapping at the pair. The three make for the pool. The girls jump in while the guy dangles his legs in the water and has his cock sucked. Jerking at his knob, the two get a face full of spunk.

Jealous and wanting revenge, next day Frankie's husband fucks Fiona the pool girl. Coming down for her breakfast, Frankie finds a pair of knickers under the kitchen table. She confronts Fiona for an explanation. The poor girl can't speak English so Frankie shows her in the only way she knows. Lying down in the garden, she strips off Fiona's striped top and unfastens her tight white shorts. Her fingers walk over the crotch of her panties making them damp. Frankie goes down to lick. Moistening her fingers, she eases them into Fiona's fanny. Lifting her skirt, Frankie smears her pussy over Fiona's face. Her tongue flicks out at her clit. The two 69 under the heat of the sun. Spreading out on a towel, Frankie has her nipples teased with an ice cube. Fiona then runs it round her pussy lips before licking them.

That night, Frankie's husband finds out her secret when a card falls out of the telephone directory advertising an escort agency. He calls and makes an appointment. Frankie turns up. Realising things haven't been right, the pair make for the bed. Kneeling, Frankie dribbles on his cock and swallows. He holds her long dark hair as he pokes deep into her throat. Stretching out, his hands reach her pink ruffled knickers. Frankie slowly peels off her clothes. Face down on the bed, Frankie gets fucked. She rolls over to be taken missionary and the cock thrusts into her pussy. Ready to cum, Frankie opens her mouth as the jizz is jetted onto her tongue.

Stylistically, the film looks like an American soap with sweeping views and outdoor shots before each scene starts. Those looking for full in your face sex may find the more erotic approach to the action a little too tame - but don't dismiss the film. Frankie's performance is sensual, sexy and sizzling hot. Worth buying the movie for her alone.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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