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Released: 2005
Notes: Titanium
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Running time: 121 mins.

According to the cover notes Sexy Divas Gone Wild is supposed to be all new work. Judging by the production dates it's actually a compilation of five shortish scenes where American star Brooke introduces new talent mixed with spliced together cuttings from the editor's floor featuring more established stars. The section with Alicia and Jamie is one of these cobbled-together scenes.

Each scene is nicely credited with the girl, but confusingly after Jamie's name has been flashed on the screen it's Alicia we see lying on the bed in her black lingerie and boots stuffing four fingers up her arse. She is joined by a guy, immediately takes his dick deep into her mouth, and gags as it passes her tonsils. Alicia jams the cock in her pussy as she pulls at her bum. The guy rams his rod into her gaping hole and pumps at her arse. Rolling over, Alicia mounts the guy cowgirl and a second chap joins for a DP close up. When the camera pulls back it's a different room, different guys and Jamie Brooks sandwiched between the two!!! The last couple of minutes Jamie is fucked and takes the cum over her face.

While the Brooke scenes are passable the remainder of the film is very poorly put together. Did the editor think no one would notice Alicia being swapped for Jamie three quarters of the way through a scene ... Yes they are both British and yes they are both blonde but... This is one of those films where you think the production can't get any worse, but it does right to the end... Absolute rubbish.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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