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Released: 2005
Director: Axel Braun
Notes: Liquid Pictures / Exquisite
Alternate Titles
  • Axel Braun's Squirting 201 Vol. 2
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 120 mins.

The style of this film is very strange, resembling a two-hour 'Behind the Scenes'. The director chats to both the performers and the technical crew as we see people walking into and out of shot and lights, cables and sound booms are much in view. As for the action this too is different, the first scene with Ariana Jollee, Eva Angelina and Nikki goes on for over 90 minutes with the girls sitting watching till it's their turn to perform. They do their stuff then wait till they are called again.

Jamie appears in the last 25-minute segment with Sophia Gently. Though not as chaotic as the first scene there is very little structure. Sitting on the sofa, the girls flash their tits, Jamie squeezing her light turquoise bra to make them pop out. Noticing Sophia's knickers are off, Jamie kneels to lap at her pussy. Stud Tony T bends to lick her bum. The two girls fill their mouths with Tony's cock, gagging as it's rammed down their throats. Lubing herself, Jamie wants to ride the saliva-covered shaft and positions herself above the dick. Tony thrusts hard and deep into her pussy. Sophia demands the same and Tony's balls bang at her bum as they bonk. As she lies on her side, Jamie's boobs joggle violently as Tony hammers hard spoons style. Halfway through fucking Sophia, Tony decides his cock has had enough and he will use his fingers on the pair. Jamie's cunt produces squelching noises as her body jolts and jives. Screaming, she lets fly her fanny fluid. Eager to learn the technique she plays with Sophie's clit as Tony works his magic. Jamie wants to try again, this time with Tony's cock. Juices run down her leg, but before she gets into full flow he pulls out and showers the girls' faces.

This is a confusing film to watch where no one is quite sure what's going on, including the cameraman. Halfway through the action we pan off to see some guy washing his hands or setting up the lights ... very bizarre. Even with Jamie I found the whole experience a little too weird and off the wall.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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