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Released: 2005
Director: Chico Wang
Notes: Diabolic
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Running time: 139 mins.

Spring Chickens 12 gives the appearance of a rough and ready gonzo film where the action takes place either in a shoddy studio knocked up in the director's garage or on his sofa jammed behind the front door. Each of the five scenes starts identically with the girl doing a chicken impersonation, presumably for the hen fetishist and hopefully nothing to do with bird flu. Most, including Holly Wellin, will wonder why.

Doubled up and in fits of giggles, Holly stands in the garden trying to introduce herself whilst clucking. Eventually she sputters out her name then heads back to the house on a scooter, the cameraman in hot pursuit. When she enters the set to meet Brian Surewood and Andrea it's obvious no expense has been lavished on the decor - a few blue streamers and a red sofa against a grey brick wall. Holly doesn't let the setting put her off. Kneeling, she takes both guys in her mouth and sucks as they lift her tits out of her pale blue bikini. Bending forward with a cock deep down her throat, Holly drops her panties. Brian Surewood runs his pointy beard over her arse before sliding his dick between her legs. With Holly slavering and dripping, the boys change ends. She manages to keep sucking as she rides reverse. Turning round, Holly pulls at her arse and the two men fill both holes for a long DP session. Wanting to taste her pussy, one of the guys pulls out as the other bashes her bum. Brian cums in Holly's mouth as Andrea moves his man meat into her fanny. A few more strokes and he too floods her face.

I have to admit I found the film poor. It looks to have been shot on a single camera where the operator wasn't sure what he was doing. The picture zooms in and out wildly during the action and pans up and down making you feel giddy. At least Holly didn't have to put up with the dog!! In Daisy's scene the director's dog comes marching into view and stands to watch what's going on. This Diabolic production is diabolical.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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