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Released: 2005
Director: Vincenzo
Notes: Torrid Films
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 96 mins.

The film starts with Jane telling us about the four scenes to come. This is read from a script straight to camera making it sound and look as if it was shot in a photo booth.

The first scene sees Jane and Jinx, wearing black corsets and stockings, in a dungeon where a masked man is chained to the wall. They give his cock a quick lick. All he can then do is watch as Jane starts working on Jinx's pussy, tongue and finger first then with the large black strap-on. Jinx turns to be taken from behind sucking and wanking the guy as her pussy is pounded. Released from his chains the man manages no more than a dozen pokes of Jinx's pussy before he cums over her back. The three kiss and the picture fades. This would normally be the end of the scene, but with some strange editing Jinx is being taken from behind by the same guy? The scene then stops, no climax, no nothing.

Next up for the strap-on is she-male Alison who has tits bigger than most porn stars and a cock that many a stud would be proud of. Jane does most of the fucking but also gets her pussy filled with Alison's cock. The scene ends with the camera man wanking himself off over Jane's stockings.

Summer, in a white top and pink skirt, is in the bedroom with Jane licking her pussy to get her ready to take the black monster. After being taken missionary and from behind Summer lies down and the camera man pushes his semi-stiff prick in her face whist Jane is licking her pussy out of shot. Summer does the best she can with the small prick when the second camera man offers to fill her pussy. He says he's cum but there is no sign of it. Then the first guy dribbles his load into Summer's mouth.

No build up to the fourth scene. Bev Cocks, in a blue basque, is on the bed having her pussy fucked with Jane's black strap-on. Bev pulls and plays with her lips and clit as Jane pounds away. The pair are then in black dresses in a small living room fondling and sucking each other's tits. Bev moves down to fill her mouth with pussy. Jane then works her fingers deep between Bev's lips getting her ready for more strap-on action. The pair move around the sofa with Bev bent over the back so she can benefit from the full length of latex. The duo then end with a kiss.

Shooting good quality films is hard and unfortunately this film proves it. The lighting throughout is poor, the camera angles bad and the focusing in some of the close ups very blurred. Questions also have to be asked about the way the film was edited with sudden jumps and scenes which seemed to end then continue going. Finally the backing track where it existed had no relevance to the action, so why was it there? It's a pity. The girls tried their best but were let down by amateurish production.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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