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Released: 2002
Director: Nicholas Steele
Notes: Adam & Eve
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Running time: 90 mins.

A washed up hack, Randy Spears, hopes for the scoop of his life when he gets the chance to interview Julie Ann - an illusionist who mixes sex with magic. She agrees, but at a price which will only be revealed when the five scenes have run their course. A sceptical Randy is ready to hear her story.

Julie tells of how her father and gypsy mother had sex on the very spot where Randy sits. He's whisked off to feel their sexual powers.

Randy wants to know more about Julie Ann's illusions. In a white Chinese-style dress, Flick appears on stage. Walking beside her, Lola mirrors her, dressed in black. The girls turn and peel down each other's dresses. Standing in their black lingerie, they caress. Lola's tongue explores Flick's neck. She slowly moves down to her breasts and beyond. Reaching her pussy, she sucks. Sitting Lola down, Flick does a disappearing trick with a vibrator. Slipping it deep between Lola's damp labia, Flick moves in to lick. Standing, Flick takes a second toy and eases it into herself. Lola's lips grasp the end and she nods her head. The girls share a double-ended rod and slowly inch it into themselves until their pussies touch. They turn to kneel back-to-back. Gently rocking, the toy joins them together.

Invited to stay the night, Randy cannot sleep for images of Julia Ann in a scarlet dress sucking and fucking guys. He sits up. In the mirror, Randy sees his reflection being given a blow job by Carmen.

Next day, Julie Ann's story continues... In a feathered head dress and burlesque style nipple tassels, Rayne shows the tricks she can perform with dicks.

Finally, believing in Julie Ann's magical powers, Randy finds out the cost of his interview. In a gilded cage above a swimming pool, the pair have sex. She leaves. He is trapped.

Sex Magician has everything you would want in a plot-based film. A decent story line with a twist at the end, good acting and nicely shot (if short) sex scenes. Whilst it may not tick the boxes of those who want a little more rough and tumble, the film is ideal for those who just want to sit back at the end of the day and relax with a glass of wine in hand.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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