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Released: 2005
Director: Marc Anthony (Mark Cremona)
Notes: Black Widow Productions
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 101 mins.

Sins of the Flesh is a strange mix which attempts to appeal to all tastes, from the MTV style montage with short hard clips to the defused lit soft focus erotic. Thanks to the energetic effort of the small cast of a couple of guys with McKenzie, Roxy and especially Sara, they just about pull it off.

Sitting in the middle of a large pine table in a modern lit room Sara, in a pink dress and white fishnets, is playing with her pussy through the nylon mesh. McKenzie, in a vivid red dress, enters and drops to her knees to suck away at Sara's minge. A faceless guy takes over the licking allowing the girls to kiss and caress on the table before turning their attention to his cock. Sara tongues the end then allows McKenzie to take it deep into her mouth. The pair then lap and lick the shaft. Stripped, McKenzie resumes the pussy licking whilst being filled from behind. Climbing onto the guy, McKenzie rides his cock reverse cowgirl with Sara darting in to lick between strokes. The girls then lie flat to be finger fucked by the bloke, first with one then two. The pussy play continues with a pink and blue toy, the guy working them simultaneously into each girl, his hands getting faster and faster until just a blur. The two move back to his dick, McKenzie wanking it into her mouth then getting Sara to suck the spunk off her tongue.

Sara appears in the second scene with her blonde hair up and in a black evening dress with all her finery ready for a posh night out, though she seems more happy to stay in and play with her pussy. Ian Tait arrives as Sara is fondling her tits and she goes for his cock, licking it as though it was a lollipop. Ian's tongue probes Sara's bum as his fingers explore her fanny. The pair then move to the sofa where the action gets hotter. Sara is taken spoons followed by doggy, her breasts swinging in time to the humping. A little more riding, then Ian fires his load into Sara's open mouth.

Roxy Rare and Sara are in the bathroom in their negligées. The girls start to kiss which leads to tit sucking and fanny feeling. Roxy drops to the floor to lick Sara's bum and is repaid by Sara tonguing her pussy. With Roxy balancing over the bath Sara uses a pink dildo on her pussy, rubbing her clit hard as she works away. The two then climb into the bath for more soapy sex toy fun ending in sighs of pleasure.

In black and white, scene 4 has McKenzie playing with a toy first in her pussy then rammed hard in her arse. With the toying over, she finds two men bent over the sofa and sets to work licking their arses and filling her mouth with their balls. As she is upside down on the sofa, McKenzie's throat takes a deep fucking, saliva dripping over her face and bubbling out her nose. The attention moves to McKenzie's pussy. With a cock still in her mouth, the second is shoved in her fanny. Now the right way up, McKenzie wants her arse filled and bends over to give the guys access. Back on the sofa, a cock is slipped up McKenzie's bum as she pulls her pussy wide open. The scene ends with two facials.

In the final scene, Sara comes down a spiral staircase in black lingerie and high heels. At the bottom she sees Mark has pushed his cock between the open steps and goes to take it deep in her mouth. Sucking over, Sara bends over for Mark to tongue her arse. Her pleasures intensify as he finger fucks both her holes then licks off the juices. Sara wants her bum fucked and Mark is the man to do it. She slips his cock in her arse and rides him reverse cowgirl, the pair then fall into spoons. Mark finishes off taking Sara doggy, squirting his spunk into her bum. Sara scoops the white jizz out of her hole and licks her fingers clean.

Brilliant performances by Sara and McKenzie and a good cameo by Roxy Rare, though I still have problems working out who this film is meant for. Sara's scenes are soft and sensual and McKenzie's are hard in your face stuff, but still, it works.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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