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Released: 2003
Notes: Hot Rod
Notes and Reviews

Mr Badger introduces and provides the links between scenes from his bath.

The first scene features Kat on a bed being groped by most of the team and squeezing cocks where she can. Finally Mr Badger and Yeti spunk over her tits. The boys suggest Kat visits Dr Slug and the room is rearranged as a surgery for Kat to get fucked. Dr Slug is not well endowed, but does have a large metal ring through his cock and another ring round his balls to maintain erection. Sex includes anal doggy, A2M and a modest facial.

Willow and Cheryl run naked thorough the house looking for Mr Badger. They find him on the toilet and he takes them to the sitting room sofa where he fucks both of them. Good scene with excellent reverse cowgirls, especially from Cheryl with her big tits bouncing all over the place.

Sophie Walker is cleaning the house in her undies, but she takes time off for some fun with the boys. She sucks cock and takes several dildos and a butt plug and there's lots of fun, but no penetration, before she takes a double facial from the boys. Sophie takes a quick piss outside in the garden and sucks another anonymous cock to climax.

Beautiful blondes Stephanie and Michelle B (before her latest boobs) perform a professional girl/girl on a bed for Mr Badger. Pussy munching, dildos and plenty of fake groaning, but no tongues.

Naked Willow is back with Mr Badger for a POV scene which includes doggy style sex and a facial.

In the final scene, the ever enthusiastic Kimberley is noisily deep-throating an anonymous black cock. While on her back she also manages to ram a big blue dildo in her pussy and the dildo action continues from her partner as she kneels on the bed with her bum in the air. Kim's groans seem genuine and at the end of the scene she is all too briefly fucked doggy style before the credits abruptly roll.

Good anarchic stuff from the lads at Badger Towers, although still a bit too silly and amateurish at times. Nice work from Willow and Kimberley of whom we do not see enough.

Review by Bayleaf

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