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Released: 2004
Director: Gorgeous Gee
Notes: www.dolltheatre.com
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In part two the Space Girls are threatened by the ultimate warring organism created by right wing religious extremists. This is very much episode 2 and not a sequel, so all my comments about the excellent part one apply equally here. However, if you don't want the plot spoilt don't read on, just buy the film.

Faye (Lolly Pop) and Freya (Dosh) are naked in bed wrapped in space blankets. The girls use a vibrator which looks like a large tongue and a double-ender in some quite athletic poses, but there doesn't seem much chemistry between them.

Then, Semen Pornidol is beamed up to their spacecraft for dinner. After criticising Vicky's cooking he collapses and, amidst much blood (which splashes all over the girls too), the monster erupts from his chest. The little critter changes itself into Vicky and goes to her room to try the real Norty Spice's clothes and dildos.

"What was that all about?" asks Faye to camera "This is what people buy porn for ..." and with that, strips and performs solo with dildo in the shower. This scene intercuts will Belle who is also cleaning the blood off herself in her bedroom.

Afterwards all the girls assemble together and 'Vicky' tells them she flushed the alien down the loo. However Brainy Spice Belle has radioed Earth and they have sent alien-buster Sigourney Beaver (Kat Varga) to rescue them. Freya shows Kat the ropes in a duo with dildo and strap-on which Freya takes up the bum. The action always gets a degree or two stronger when Kat's around. Meanwhile Vicky, Faye and Belle have an impromptu rehearsal, naked.

Vicky entices Kat to her room where she ties her up and puts her in the same cupboard with the real Norty. The alien transforms into Kat who insists on examining Belle, Freya and Nikita, naked. Kat uses a pink strap-on to probe Freya and Belle. But Vicky has managed to break free and bursts in on the naked Kat, killing her in a hail of bullets and gallons of blood.

Belle and Vicky celebrate with champagne and sex with a double-ender.

Whether you like blondes or brunettes, there's hard gg action for everyone here. All the girls manage their dialogue well as the story trundles along. Once again the music is excellent and the few original numbers, which the girls perform, lifts the production throughout. Now if only the production team could get some guys involved ...

Review by Bayleaf

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