< The Secret Video Diaries Of A Lesbian Nympho R18 DVD available

Released: 2003
Director: Viv Thomas
Notes: Playboy Uncut
Alternate Titles
  • Ella's Secret Video
  • Secret Video Diary Of A Lesbian Nympho Adult Channel Series
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 164 mins.

Originally shot in 2003 for The Adult Channel, The Secret Video Diaries of a Lesbian Nympho has just been released in it's R18 version by Viv Thomas under the Playboy Uncut label. The film centers around small dark haired Ella (played by Barbarella) who manages to work her way through a girl a day from Monday to Saturday. As you would expect from Viv Thomas, the film is sensual, stylish and erotic, each scene slowly building up to the climax.

Ella starts her video diary and dashes into the shower. As she runs her soapy hands over her body she gets horny. Dried off, she wanders naked through her luxury flat. In the breakfast room, Nadia perches on a stool in her white flowing gown which falls to the floor when the belt is undone. Ella leans forward and teases her pierced clit with her tongue. The girls kiss and caress. Ella moves back down to part Nadia's pussy, then offers her erect nipples to be sucked as she slips her fingers into her fanny. Nadia uses her tongue and fingers to explore every crease and fold of Ella's lips and a digit is eased into her bum. Ella briefly disappears and returns with a pink plastic prick. Holding it against her pelvis she pops it into Nadia's mouth, getting it wet and ready for her pussy. She quickly climaxes. Ella climbs onto the breakfast bar and, opening her legs, lets Nadia jab at her pussy with the toy.

Out in an industrial area, Ella is desperate for a girl. She sees Jasmine standing on a corner and takes her back to the flat. In the bedroom, Ella yanks down Jasmine's short denim skirt and strokes the front of her black G-string knickers. Her fuchsia top is discarded as Ella sucks at her pert tits. Spinning round on the bed, Ella takes a mouthful of Jasmine's neatly trimmed pubes before working her fingers into her tight cunt. Ella arches her back as Jasmine munches on her fanny. The girls moan as, 69ing, they suck and finger fuck each other. Fondling and kissing, they play with each other, Ella thrusting her bum high in the air so Jasmine can make her orgasm with her hand.

Ella has been reading the adverts in some magazines and she has invited a sex toy salesperson round to the flat. Dressed in a tight red top and short skirt, she answers the door bell. Tall blonde Anoushka stands there, dressed in a see through black top, black skirt and strappy silver sandals, carrying a case full of toys. In the lounge, Ella's interest is taken by a vibrating pen. She pulls down her red knickers and holds it against her clit. Anoushka is asked which toy she would use. She picks up a silver vibrator and Ella asks her to demonstrate. Losing her black blouse, Anoushka turns on the toy and runs it over her breasts. Her nipples stand on end. Pulling her black panties to one side she slips the vibe into an already wet hole. Ella bends to lap at the juices. With fingers and tongues flying the girls bury their faces in each other's fannies. Ella wants to know what else is in the case. Anoushka has something special to use on Ella - a bright blue rabbit. Her body quivers as it is slowly worked into her pussy on full power. Anoushka picks up something more artistic and sedate - a sculpted glass dildo for Elle to use between her legs.

Louise is sick of waiting - all she wants to do is fuck Ella and she is not at home. Slipping out of her white top and skirt, she plays with herself in the bathroom. Ella eventually turns up and joins Louise. Sitting on the edge of the bath she stretches her legs. Louise delves in, coaxing her pussy lips open with her tongue. The two head back to the bedroom where they rub their naked flesh against each other as they role around on the bed. Pulling her legs right back, Ella gently moans as her pussy is probed. Reaching into the draw she produces a blue vibrator and sticks it deep into Louise's arse, which gets the fluids flowing.

Looking up at a set of flats, Ella notices a blonde girl gazing out of the top floor window. She goes off to investigate and knocks at the door. Tara opens it dressed in her gown. Ella says she has moved in next door and has lost her key and she is invited in. Sitting on the sofa the girls slurp wine. Ella leans forward and the two start to kiss. Moments later the two are naked, sucking at each other's nipples. The pair head for the bedroom. Ella's eyes open wide as Tara works her long tongue over her clit and into her pussy. Swivelling round, Ella returns the favour, feasting on Tara's fanny. The two position themselves for a long 69 session poking and probing pussy. As a police car screams past outside, the girls climax.

Having filmed Ella all week it's now Kellemarie's turn to taste her pussy. In her race to remove her jeans, Kellemarie gets herself in a tangle. Ella is eager to get started so helps pull them off. On all fours, Kellemarie holds her bum high in the air for Ella to lick. Her long blonde hair flops over her face as she rocks back and forth. Rolling onto her back, Ella bites at Kellemarie's tits as her fingers find their way into her fanny. Dribbling onto Kellemarie's smoothly-shaved mound, Ella paws at her pussy and her own fanny is fingered in return. Kellemarie pulls on a pink strap on and proceeds to shag Ella doggy style. Ella wants more of the toy and, lying on her back, her body shudders as she is fucked missionary by the pink plastic.

Small sexy Ella (Barbarella) looks as if she is really enjoying herself throughout the film and is helped by good performances from six sexy supporting actresses. In less skilled hands six long girl-on-girl scenes could get a bit repetitive, but Viv Thomas has brought something a little different to each, making the film fly by. This is the ideal sexy erotic film to watch on a warm summer night with a nice glass of wine.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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