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Notes: videoangels VX103
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We discover the Scottish brunette Emma Chappell, looking very classy, lying on a bed, fondling her breasts and masturbating. She is joined by a bloke who fingers her and goes down on her. She then removes his trousers and pants and gives him a blowjob.

Then she gets him to allow her to tie him to the bed. She then teases him and sits on his face. She gives him another blowjob and then sits on him cowgirl style, but doesn't let him enter her at first. She teases him by rubbing her pussy over his cock. Then she slowly allows him inside her.

Then they change places and he ties her and teases her by holding his cock near her mouth and then taking it away. Eventually he fucks her. Then he unties her so that they can go at it in different positions, including 69, missionary, doggy. He sits on her chest for another blowjob and wanks off into her face, but the cumshot is not very visible.

Although we see only these two performers in an hour-long video, it is not boring because of the large amount of teasing involved - something sadly lacking in porn. Very enjoyable.

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