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Released: 2003
Director: Gazzman
Notes: Private
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Running time: 91 mins.

Filmed entirely on location in the Scottish Highlands over a three-week period, The Scottish Loveknot is reported to be the most expensive adult film ever shot in Britain. Looking at the lavish costumes and stunning sets it's not hard to see where the money was spent.

The film stars Australian Jodie Moore supported by the British duo of Jamie Woods and Michelle Barrett and three Hungarian girls: Ginger, Violet and Vanda. The male roles are taken by Steve Hooper, Tony de Sergio and Mark Slone (credited as Dan Stallion).

Several hundred years ago Highland Chief Robert Moor was famed for his sexual power, part of which came by drinking from a mystical Love Grail. One day shortly after making love to his Lady of the Lake (Jodie Moore) his luck ran out and he was killed in battle. His lady vowed to return every 100 years to try to find her lover. In this century's appearance the lady transports our three boys to Scotland where they undergo a number of sexual trials and tests to see if any are worthy of drinking from the Grail. Licking, sucking and fucking Jamie and Michelle are two of the tests the boys have to endure. Who passes the tests and what happens to those that drink from the mystical cup? If I told you that it would spoil the film.

Some say Scottish Loveknot is Braveheart with bonking, but this is not a parody or a rip-off. It's a film with a properly developed story line, requiring acting from all involved as well as great hot sex. The scenery is spectacular and the filming and lighting are unlike anything else you will ever see in a British shot film. Brilliant.

This film is a must for any viewer of British Adult films. The only question is do you pay the extra few quid for the deluxe version which has over 1 hour of extras including a deleted scene?

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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