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Released: 2005 (DVD)
Director: Remington Steel
Notes: Strand SP042
Notes and Reviews

Holly is naked, apart from her skirt and black holdups, in what looks like a follow-on from her solo scene in the Fucking 40's 6. Also naked is Jim (aka Phil McCavity) and Holly is sucking his cock as he lies on a sofa. Sex follows in reverse cowgirl, spoons and then anal in doggy and back to reverse cowgirl. Holly acquires a second anonymous cock in her hands for the cumshots; she sits between both and swallows two decent loads.

Jytca or Jenny, depending on whether you read the cover or the DVD menu, is picked up on a Prague street by KT and the crew. Back at the apartment with Lee Francis and Frank Gun, KT persuades a nervous Jytca to have sex with Frank by stripping to her pants and uses a dildo on herself. Frank strips but Jytca, an attractive chunky brunette, simply rearranges her clothes to let Frank fuck her and KT to suck her tits. Jytca slowly undresses to her white holdups and the scene ends with her getting her arse fucked while in 69 with KT on the coffee table.

Pretty 18 year old blonde Maria (Fiona on the cover) introduces herself to Remington sitting on a sofa in a hotel room. She gets her tits out while they talk, then Chris News arrives and they take it from the top. Fortunately Maria wears no underwear so, with her dress round her waist, she sucks Chris's cock then mounts him cowgirl. Chris gives her a good hard fucking finally pulling out and shooting into her gaping pussy. Chris continues to push his cock into Maria's pussy when the scene abruptly cuts to ...

Scene 4, in the 16th century cottage that Remington uses as a location. Kinky Louise is dressed in a pvc nun's outfit which has a full hood but is hardly long enough to cover the tops of her black stockings or her generous arse. By contrast Simon wears a red pvc dress with dog collar and lead which Louise hangs onto during the sex. Neither Louise or Simon wear pants, so Louise sucks his cock then Simon fucks Louise on the table. Later, while bent forward over the table, Louise starts to eat grapes from the bowl on the table, passing some to Simon as he pounds away behind her. Louise's huge tits bounce magnificently as she takes Simon' cock in reverse cowgirl as they sit on a chair and finally takes his come in her mouth. Genuinely hot action as both performers end covered in sweat in their plastic outfits.

Some really good sex action from the sweet Maria in tentative action to massive Louise at full throttle, but oh, the authoring. While four girls are listed there are only three chapters and, as with most of this series, scene one begins with a montage of clips from other releases. The menu refers to Jytca while the cover calls her Jenny and both the cover and menu refer to Fiona while she clearly introduces herself onscreen as Maria. This sloppy authoring lets down what is otherwise a fine programme in this good series.

Review by Bayleaf
May 2005

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