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(running time - 1 hour)

if any proof were needed that teresa scott is the sort of gal who'll tie herself in knots to please her fans, this is it.

this tape contains no less than ten scenes (approx. 6 mins each) of herself in a variety of tightly bound positions, offering no possibility of escape. teresa gives a convincing portrayal of a damsel in distress, as the normally dominant model wordlessly whimpers and moans while she chafes against her restraints.

whoever put the bondage paraphernalia to work knows their stuff, as teresa is expertly splayed, hog-tied, hand-cuffed, manacled, suspended, nipple-clamped and otherwise abused by her off-screen captor. my favourite sequence is the one in which our heroine is hanging upside down from a step-ladder... but that maybe because i'm redecorating at the moment.

if you're a fan of teresa's and you like your bondage to come with all the required accoutrements, this is the tape for you.

Review by woodgnome

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