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Released: 2002
Notes: Premier Film Productions
Notes and Reviews

This is a seventy minute long R18, lesbian video, with about ten minutes worth of trailers.

It opens with Claudia Casali ('Chanel') tidying a sitting room, wearing a maid's uniform of sorts (red dress instead of black) whilst Jenna Hill and Zoe Grant look on from the sofa.

Claudia does a striptease and masturbates with the handle of the fire-place coal shovel. Jenna & Zoe also strip and we are treated to a three-way lesbian scene.

Action transfers to the bedroom and there is a series of two-girl sequences: Jenna & Zoe take turns licking pussy, then Jenna uses a strap-on on Zoe. Jenna pushes a dildo up Claudia's bum, then Claudia uses a strap-on on Jenna.

After another three girl session, Jenna and Claudia share a double-ended dildo, Zoe and Claudia use vibrators on each other. The tape ends with a second Jenna/Claudia double-dong sequence.

The main problem with the video is, because there are only three girls, there are only so many pairings possible before the sex is a bit 'samey'.

Notable features: First, Jenna Hill is a rarity on video, although she has done a lot of magazine work. Second, someone remembered batteries for the vibrators - a detail that many pornos miss. Finally, it is obviously made in the UK - given the horribly twee decor of the house it is filmed in.

Enjoyable enough lesbian porn, with enthusiastic performances from Brit girls and plenty of dildo action.

Review by Mr Anon

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