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A DVD-only title, patterned on the likes of the American 'Virtual Sex' or 'My Plaything' series, 'Sex Toy Linda' is a British production with a R18 certificate, allowing it to be sold in licensed UK sex shops.

For those not familiar with this type of porn, the girl is filmed in a variety of positions & camera angles which the viewer can choose between, using the DVD remote.

This disc starts with Linda introducing herself, then the viewer is presented with a menu covering a variety of activities and positions. Three sex positions (doggy, reverse cowgirl and reverse anal cowgirl) are offered, along with masturbation sequences and strip sequences. As a bonus, the DVD contains a blooper segment - with out-takes from the filming process, which reveals Terry 'One-Eyed Jack' Stephens as the filmmaker.

During the action the viewer can go back to the menu, choose between two different camera angles, cut to a cum shot (a facial), or flip between 'naughty/nice' mode which affects Linda's behaviour (slutty/innocent) somewhat.

The producers deserve praise for coming up with a technically sophisticated product - and Linda is both gorgeous and enthusiastic, but two specific criticisms can be made of 'Sex Toy Linda' when comparing it with the interactive titles it is trying to emulate.

The first is on the editing side. All of the interactive titles have to contend with the storage limitations of the DVD. The number of film segments and camera angles that have to be crammed on the disc forces each clip to be of short duration, typically one to two minutes in length. To extend the scene, cuts and looping are employed. This looping is badly concealed in 'Sex Toy Linda' which makes the sex scenes stop and re-start and in a disjointed manner.

The second criticism relates to the 'naughty/nice' mode. Other interactive titles have made more of an effort to differentiate the pace of the sex and what the girl says. When being 'nice', Linda repeatedly says 'I have never done <insert sexual position> before', which becomes unconvincing very quickly. This is not particularly the model's fault - the blooper segment reveals that Linda is being fed her lines.

Setting these criticisms aside, I would have to say this is a good first attempt and I would encourage the producers to have another go.

'Interactive' porn is not going to be to everyone's taste, but if you enjoyed any of the above mentioned 'Virtual Sex' or 'My Plaything' titles, or you are a particular fan of Linda the chances are you will enjoy 'Sex Toy Linda'.

Review by Mr Anon

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