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Released: 2001
Notes and Reviews

Elegant Angel DVD

An orgy develops out of a sex education lesson given by Dick Nasty to eight co-eds. Not an original idea, but potentially a sexy one. However, it is too lazily done to rise above the routine. Dick gives his introductory chat very well and tells them that some male models will come in from the art class later for them to do a practical. Meanwhile he starts them off using small vibrators. After a while the male models arrive and get in amongst the girls immediately. Zoe Young (Marie-Anne Young) and Scotti Andrews (Claire Kiernan) are among the students and Claire does anal.

However a promising start is not carried through - as if the director (Patrick Collins) said 'What the hell. Let's get down to the sex. The customers don't want to see any erotic build up.' Wrong. He should have had one girl demonstrate the vibrator in front of the class before they all used them. Similarly a male model should have stood in front of the class and stripped and one of the students should have been asked to demonstrate a blow job - etc., etc. Only then should the orgy have developed. This sex education class idea has been done so much better several times before - two films, one hard (Les Petites Ecolières) and one soft featuring Brigitte Lahaie, and one featuring a young and slim Tracy Adams spring to mind for a start.

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