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Stars Pandora, Poppy (Rebekah Jordan), Wendy (Taylor), Suzy (Stephanie [2]) and Dave. Some of the girls' aliases seem to be mixed up here as Stephanie often uses the name Poppy.

This is a watersports fetish video. Not my usual scene but at least here the pissing is part of the sex and the sex is enthusiastic. And the girls are a turn on - especially Rebekah and Wendy of course. The detail in the following is summarised. Those that buy the video shouldn't have every detail given away in advance, possibly diminishing their pleasure.

Rebekah is applying to share a house with Pandora and Wendy. Her interview turns into a three-way lesbian session which soon gets to involve pissing (on a yellow groundsheet in the lounge - my only criticism is the choice of colour as yellow does not provide a good background against which to photograph naked flesh; Neil Down please note - and someone should tell Ben Dover that nor does red). Pandora and Wendy piss over Rebekah's legs and pussy and then the dildos appear. Wendy pisses into Pandora's mouth and Rebekah pisses on the floor.

The next day Rebekah comes down for breakfast and finds Wendy in the kitchen. More of the previous night's antics follow - lesbian sex, pissing on each other with Rebekah pissing on Wendy's face and gushing as she is fingered by Wendy. Rebekah is then spanked as she fingers herself.

Wendy and Rebekah go out and Dave arrives with Rebekah's luggage. Pandora gets him to fix the light in the hall and gets his cock out while he is up there. A blow job soon turns into piss drinking. Then they have sex on the stairs and more pissing follows by both. No groundsheet is used this time - they must have spent a fortune on carpet cleaner after they finished the filming.

Next is a lesbian session between Wendy and Pandora in Dave's house while he is out playing football. This starts with them ensuring a future copious flow by drinking beer on the couch.

Wendy leaves and Dave returns. Pandora poses for his camera and then gives him a blow job to facial. More sex and pissing follows. She then goes off to make tea - filling the kettle from guess where.

Rebekah has Stephanie visiting her in her room. The lesbian scene develops in the usual fashion for this video and Rebekah now seems to take more onto her face than previously. Pandora then comes into the room and joins in for more pissing action.

This video was a turn on even though this fetish is not my personal preference. Those who are into watersports and the many who show their good taste by being fans of Wendy Taylor and Rebekah Jordan should not be disappointed.

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