< Sweet Revenge

Released: 1994
Director: Michael d'Angelo
Alternate Titles
  • Stephanie alias Steve Video Marc Dorcel
Notes and Reviews

As far as one can tell from the German soundtrack, Gilly Sampson (as Stephanie Hart-Rogers) takes revenge on former bosses who used her sexually by changing her appearance to that of a young man (another actress I think), getting employed by them and then stealing a fortune from them. The first scene is a lesbian scene with the brunette who then changes her appearance. Gilly's b/g scenes occur next and near the end - on the first occasion in black and white to indicate flashback as she recalls the events - oral and vaginal with two men in succession. After her revenge has been revealed to her former bosses they have flashbacks of the same sex scenes, but in colour and there is a little more as a cum shot (facial) is now shown.

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