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Notes: Your Scene
Notes and Reviews
  • Begins with what looks like the start of a Dick Nasty video trailing two of his other videos - Euro Places, Euro Faces and My First Time: British Babes etc., clips show Donna, Katrina (Jeannie Bukes), Joanne Pauly, Sophie (Paige) - all New Places New Faces 2 except for Katrina. Then titles for 'I Came to be Fucked' show behind the scenes type footage with Sam (aka Jane - older blonde who did double anal in a BD vid) being photographed on bed. The Indian looking girl from Robert Darcy is the Teeny Fucker (Cassie Conway) enters and says "I'm Cassie and I came to be fucked". Sex scene with Dick Nasty and Omar follows then a sex scene between Hannah Coleman and Dick Nasty. (Both ripped off from I've Cum To Be Fucked Vol. 3)
  • From a different video - Georgette Neal and Chris News in back of Ruud Tel's car - oral - on to sex scene in male OAP's front room and then in field.
  • Mel - coarse but good-looking blonde gangbanged by partner, Omar, posh Scottish bloke etc. Anal, DP. (See also Shag Gobble and Spunk and Melanie & 3 fellas, Nicky, Natalie & Doug (Phoenix H4))
  • Roxy-Jo, Nikki Platts and male. (also in Melanie & 3 fellas, Nicky, Natalie & Doug (Phoenix H4) and The Continuing Immoral Adventures of Captain Cock and Rodney Rude 3: The Legend of Larry Large)

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