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Released: 1998
Director: Victor Grimes
Notes: Cal Vista / Metro
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Running time: 85 mins.

This short story based film revolves around Melanie Stone and her screen husband, Justin. Life has become routine, if not a little boring for the pair, until driving home one night and they notice a new strip joint in the middle of town. Justin's mind starts racing...

Arriving home with their groceries, Justin finds his sister-in-law Sabrina on her knees, in the lounge, gorging on Mark Davis's cock. Pulling down her white lace panties, Sabrina invites Mark to start munching. Justin stands, two brown bags in his arms, while Sabrina hovers over Mark's member. Smiling, she sinks it into her snatch and starts to rock. Emitting sighs of pleasure, Sabrina turns over onto all fours to have her pussy penetrated. Ready to fire, Sabrina takes Mark's load over her tits.

With his wife tucked up in bed, Justin heads for the club and meets up with Coral Sands and Dee.

Setting out the next day, Justin pops his head into Sabrina's bedroom. She's dispensed with Mark and now has three guys on her bed. Surrounded by cocks, Sabrina starts to suck. The guys thrust their chebs in her face. Falling back, she continues to suck and lets the three take turns in her pussy. Twisting round, Sabrina is spit-roasted. The boys stand her on her shoulders to be pile driven. Not wanting to waste a dick, Sabrina is DP'd as she fills her mouth with man meat. The guys line up to cum over her face and tits.

Another meeting with Coral makes Justine realise he misses Melanie. He rectifies this when he gets home.

A prod and a shout and it's all just a day dream... but perhaps he should visit the strip club.

Though a decent enough film, the 'day dream' plot has been done to death and Sexy Thoughts doesn't have enough about it to make it stand out from the rest. Sabrina, along with the other girls, turn in fair performances, although the short length of the scenes curtails some of the action. If you want a story with your sex, Sexy Thoughts may not be memorable but it ticks most of the boxes.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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