< Sexy Lady

Released: 1986
Director: Serge Alexandre
Notes: Color Climax, Video 472, 75 mins.
Alternate Titles
  • Wide Open 1986 USA title
Notes and Reviews

Blue Climax Video 472, Color Climax

Shot in England but has dubbed German sound.

Female cast - Lora Long, Mary O'Tool, Sadie Pollock (Lynn Armitage), one of the others is Jenny Hall.

Lynn Armitage appears to be either the lady of the house who has guests to stay or to be running a small hotel. Busty brunette Mary (O'Tool - Jenny Hall) is her maid. A butler (black, familiar looking) is interviewed for a job and employed.

A sex scene between the maid and the butler takes places while Lynn is out shopping. She returns and spies them at it, then goes to her bedroom to masturbate.

Having been turned on by what she has seen, Lynn then seduces the butler - another b/g scene.

Visitors (paying guests? honeymoon couple?) arrive by train. The girl is a slim blonde who looks a bit like 'Jacky' of the set in the magazine Private 84 (Donna Berkeley aka Hillary according to Your Scene). They proceed immediately to their bedroom and have sex to facial.

The whole cast is at or serving at the dinner table. The female guest goes to bed early and is followed by the butler - she leaves the door open while she is undressing and entices him in. They have sex. The maid catches them at it. She is jealous but is persuaded to join in.

Meanwhile Lynn seduces the male guest and they have sex to facial.

Then three or four intercut/overlapping sex scenes.

Next morning the female guest is in the lounge in her short nightie. In the kitchen the butler has two male visitors and he tells them to go into the lounge. They do and end up having sex with the female guest while the butler has it off with the maid again. Lynn interrupts the orgy in the lounge and the female guest runs upstairs in shame, but Lynn takes over with the men, takes a DP and three facials. The maid and butler are interrupted by the male guest who joins in, but later the maid goes upstairs to console the female guest with lesbian sex.

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