< Sarah Young Collection 4 DVD available

Director: Sarah Young
Alternate Titles
  • Private Secrets Part 9 DVD available Mike Hunter SYH 749
  • Sarah Young 4
Notes and Reviews

1991. Dir. Sarah Young

  • Sarah Young
  • Gang bang scene: Christoph Clarke, Alain L'Yle, Yves Baillat, Ralf Dormann, Salvador Badillo, Jonathan Philip Lester
  • Other scenes: Peter North

This is the one which features one of Sarah Young's best ever scenes where she is driven in a car, blindfolded with one of her stockings and taken to a club where she is gang banged while still blindfolded (apart from one continuity error), including DPs, and finally all the men cum into a champagne flute and she drinks it.

This scene lasts about an hour and it is followed by two short scenes of Sarah and Peter North, first on the stairs and then on a bed.

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