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Released: 2010
Director: Blacky Mendez
Notes: Film Erotica, also stars Tiffany Doll (see egafd)
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Running time: 106 mins.

Forget floppy haired Fearnley-Whittingstall. Film Erotica's River Cottage is where French girl Tiffany Doll has fun on her holidays.

On a dreich Devon day, Tiffany is out and about looking for food in the local market. She meets Clark who offers to carry the provisions back to Tiffany's holiday retreat later in the day. Dropping them off, Clark finds Tiffany making a chocolate cake in the kitchen. The cake mix gets smeared over their bodies as they have sex.

Wandering along a country lane, Tiffany spots a car with its bonnet up. Sticking her head into the engine, she soon finds and fixes the problem. Steve comes out of his house to find his car working and rewards Tiffany with his staff.

Hoping to find Tiffany at home, Clark interrupts a half naked Jasmine slaving over the stove. She's taken off her blouse and bra so that they don't get splashed. Admiring Jasmine's boobs, Clark's hands reach out to caress them. She pulls at his jeans to get at his cheb. Flicking back her long black hair, Jasmine kneels down to suck. Her fingers grasp tightly around the rod. They head upstairs to the bedroom. Dropping onto the bed, the duo 69. Jasmine slides down Clark's body to ride him cowgirl. Following some missionary work, the couple slide over to the edge of the bed. Jasmine mounts Clark's cock reverse. Returning home, Tiffany finds no one there. She makes for the bedroom where she hears a sound. She swings the door open and finds Jasmine bouncing up and down. Grabbing Clark's cock, Tiffany wanks it over Jasmine's bum.

Alone in the cottage, Tiffany masturbates with her favourite vibrator.

Lost, Steve asks Lexi for directions. She's heading his way so he offers her a lift. At the cottage, Lexi is invited inside. It doesn't take the two of them long to find the bedroom. In the dim light, Lexi and Steve look jaundiced as they pull at knickers and pants to tongue one another. Slipping off her red dress, Lexi takes Steve deep between her legs. In the gloom, the two bang away doggy and spoons. Lying on her back, Lexi takes Steve's spunk on her stomach.

Out in the garden, Hannah and Lexi join Clark to enjoy a bottle or two of wine. Tiffany emerges from the kitchen, cake in hand. Flicking cream onto Tiffany's boobs, Clark offers to lick it off. Hannah and Lexi join in the food flinging, then wait for Clark's tongue. Tops off, the girls smear each other with jam and cake. A dollop of cream on Clark's dick and they all have a taste. Clearing the table, Hannah and Tiffany coat each other in olive oil. Lexi bends over to be bonked. Clark climbs onto the table, letting the girls rub oil all over his prick. One-by-one the girls all take a ride. Lining the three up, Clark pours oil over their bums and bangs them from behind. Turning them over, he fucks them missionary. Crouching, the girls wait as Clark jets his cum on to their faces.

Unfortunately, The River Cottage is let down by poor production. The use of natural light for some of the indoor scenes gives the performers an orangey-yellow tinge and the jerky motion in Tiffany and Steve's outside action is reminiscent of footage shot on a mobile phone. Though the film may appeal to food freaks, with plenty of cream and cake spreading, The River Cottage is not one of Film Erotica's better works.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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