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Released: 2010
Director: Cate Harrington
Notes: Elisabeth Films
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Running time: 80 mins.

In a harshly lit, echoing room, Lucy, Masie and Stacey sit chatting about their fantasies. After what appears to be an inordinately long session of unscripted utterances, the girls suggest a threesome and toys are produced from under cushions. Stripping down to their bras and panties, the three climb onto the sofa. Pulling off Stacey's bra and peeling down her knickers, Lucy sits on her face as she feels Masie's tongue lapping at her pussy. Lucy strips to take a toy between her legs. Finally, Masie loses her red spotted panties and drops on to all fours to be toyed. Biting Lucy's boobs, the attention switches to her as she tongues Stacey's clit while a pink vibe is pushed into her pussy. Lucy holds a toy erect against her pelvis. Masie slips down on to the plastic prick for a ride. The three girls kiss.

In fishnets and a mesh, Masie is shackled to a stool in her prison cell. Struggling to get free, her efforts attract the attention of a PVC clad Lucy. After stroking her hair and letting Masie lick at a toy, Lucy straddles her prisoner and probes pussy. As a reward for licking her shoes, Lucy releases Masie's handcuffs and sits on a stool with her knickers down to be licked. Masie's fingers and tongue dart over her warden's shaven slot. She shoves in a vibe for good measure. For her good work, Masie is placed on all fours and Lucy works a purple vibrator hard into her pussy until she trembles with pleasure.

Wearing school uniforms, Lucy and Stacey sit on the desk in an empty classroom. Lifting her skirt, Stacey flashes her pussy. Lucy moves closer to unbutton her blouse and bite at her boobs. Stacey returns the favour, nibbling at Lucy's nipples. Out of her togs, Stacey stretches across the desk. Lucy delves in between her legs to lap and finger Stacey's pussy. A vibrator is produced out of a desk. Lucy bends over to try it. Sitting with her legs wide open, Lucy lets fellow student Stacey fill her with the toy. Down on the floor, the duo 69. Lucy eases a slim vibe into her friend. The pair kiss.

Over at the garage, mechanic Masie has repaired Stacey's bike. Slipping out of her overalls, Masie wonders if the owner also requires a full service. Dropping to her knees, Masie starts the inspection of Stacey's pussy with her tongue. She climbs onto her pride and joy to be licked and fingered. Pulling at Masie's panties, it's her turn on the bike. Stacey laps and probes. The pair climb onto a work bench where, tools in hand, they 69 and toy with each other. Finally, the service is over for them both.

With its poor sound, choppy editing and off screen voices giving directions, parts of this movie are very poor. There are some redeeming elements in the performances of Lucy, Masie and Stacey, but overall Real Girls Fantasies falls flat.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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