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Released: 2010
Director: Spunk L. Davis
Notes: Viv Thomas
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Running time: 131 mins.

Compact camera in hand, Sasha sets out to reveal to viewers her sex-filled holiday in the sun, which she shares with a host of European hotties including Blue Angel, Antonia and Nikita.

The vacation starts with Sasha taking some self-portraits, sucking a lolly as she lounges by a lake. Antonia spreads a towel out next to Sasha, stripping out of her T-shirt and bikini bottoms to catch the sun. Snapping away at her naked friend, Sasha rolls her sticky sweet over her shaven pussy and starts to lick. Antonia may not speak much English, but she gets the gist of Sasha's tongue. The pair decide to pop back to Sasha's room. Pinning Antonia against the wardrobe, Sasha lets drop her top and panties. The two press their bodies together, then, falling to their knees, lap some muff. Tumbling onto the bed, the duo tongue and tease until they climax. Sasha takes some more pictures.

Sasha shares her bed with Carie. The pair kiss and let their hands explore each other. Lifting Carie's boobs from her top, Sasha sucks at her nipples. Rolling her over, she massages her bum. Noticing a damp patch in Carie's shorts, Sasha licks, then slips down her own knickers to be sucked. Stripped, the girls flop back on the bed. Carie runs her studded tongue between Sasha's legs. The girls kiss.

Lying on the bed wearing her shades, Sasha snaps away with her camera as she listens to her i-pod. Things start to go wrong when the batteries run down. Sasha wanders though the house to find Blue Angel who may have a charger in her room. She finds her asleep. A couple of pictures and Sasha sits to watch Angel sleep. Eventually Angel wakes to go to the bathroom. More snaps are taken as the two girls kiss. Pulling at Angel's top, Sasha photographs her boobs. The girls head back to the bed for some fingering fun. Sasha laps and tongues at Angel's black panties, then eases off her own knickers to be licked. Shuffling round the bed, the two 69. Spreading Angel's legs, Sasha lies on her stomach to munch muff. Embracing, the two tongue and kiss as they roll round on the bed. One more shot for Sasha's album.

Waking up, Sasha has thirty minutes before she needs to go out. She feels horny and her two favourite toys are on the bedside table. Turning on a pink vibe, Sasha holds it against her white sequinned panties. The toy buzzes away. Throwing her knickers across the room, Sasha is so wet as she slips four fingers into her pussy. With both toys turned on, she thrusts one deep between her legs and writhes as the second is pushed against her clit. She climaxes just as it's time to leave.

Hand-in-hand with Cara, Sasha walks to the lake on what is a slightly overcast day. The girls find a rug and things soon heat up. Fondling and caressing each other through their summer dresses, Cara and Sasha kiss. Boobs are soon out and hands find their way into white panties. Sasha licks her way down Cara's neck as she fingers her snatch. Slipping out of her own knickers, she feels the warmth of Cara's tongue. The two girls tug and play with their pussies until they orgasm.

Pressed against the patio window, Sasha spots Nikita in the garden. She watches her enter the kitchen and follows with camera in hand. Sitting chatting at the kitchen table, Sasha slips off her shoes and runs her toes up Nikita's leg. In the hall, the pair kiss as they climb the stairs. Kneeling on a crimson bed, Sasha slips the straps of Nikita's white dress off her shoulders and laps at her boobs. Her own top off, Sasha falls back on the bed as the two caress. Panties pulled down, Sashsa takes mouthfuls of Nikita's shaven snatch. Then, legs interlocked, the duo grind their pussies together. Dripping, Sasha fingers Nikita to orgasm and smears her wet fingers over her boobs. Nikita returns the favour, lapping and probing at Sasha till she cums.

As with other Viv Thomas girl/girl films, the pace of Revealing Sasha is gentle and measured, with as much emphasis on scene setting as the action itself. Sasha, in her summer togs, is a revelation, tackling girl-on-girl action with relish, and is a starlet on the rise. Revealing Sasha is an ideal warmer for those cold winter nights.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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