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Released: 2008
Notes: Girlfriends Films
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Running time: 169 mins.

As in all the best road trip movies, Deauxma and Elexis Monroe have set off in their metallic purple coupé to discover themselves and America. In the dusty backwaters they call into Zander Lin's bric-a-brac shop looking for a room for the night. She sends them up the road to Bobby Starr and Magdalene's ranch. The girls have no idea what lies in store for them.

Bobby has been waiting for this day for a long time. Her first girl-on-girl session with Ray Veness. Magdalene gives her some words of advice before leaving.

Zander heads over to Magdalene's place and tells her to expect guests. She wants to know what she'll get in return. Making for the bedroom, Magdalene lifts up her black top and lets her friend suck her nipples. The girls kiss as they ease down each other's jeans. Magdalene rubs her fingers against Zander's blue panties. Stripped, the pair caress and roll round on the bed. Fingers and tongues are pressed into pussies. Legs interlocked, the two grind together till they climax.

Calling in to see how the visitors have settled in, Zander ends up in bed with Deauxma.

Housemaid Emy's shower is broken. Magdalene tells her to use the one in her room. Emerging from the shower, Emy finds Magdalene on the bed in white bra and panties. She's beckoned over. Magdalene slowly unfurls Emy's towel and runs her hands over her body. She is ready to experience another woman. She slips off her bra and the girls press their naked flesh together. Emy sucks at Magdalene's erect nipples. Spreading her maid's legs wide, Magdalene laps and slips in a finger or two before pulling her knickers aside to let Emy taste an older woman.

With rambling sections of unfathomable dialogue, a mournful soundtrack, and drawn out uninspiring acting, the pace of this movie is somewhere between slow and full-stop. And when the action does get started, like the rest of the film it takes a long time to achieve very little. With actresses like Bobby Starr involved you expect more but, unfortunately, Road Queen Part 6 does not deliver.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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