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Released: 2002
Director: Pat Myne
Notes: Metro
  • Ashley Long as Ashley Morgan on cover and Ashley Star in titles
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 90 mins.

Los Angeles is a magnet for young, aspiring actresses from all over the world who hope to make it big in the movies. In Runaway Teens, director Pat Myne gives six girls the break they're looking for. Among those who have left the safety of their hometowns for the bright city lights are Fiona Cheeks, Sharon Wild, Vanessa Rubee and Ashley Long.

The film starts with Ashley standing on a street corner in a cropped t-shirt and denim skirt. Director Pat Myne approaches. He thinks Ashley has what he's looking for. He films her up a darkened alley in an eerie green light as she flashes her boobs and bum. He gives her his card. Dressed in a short black dress, Ashley arrives at Pat's apartment. Introductions over, he bends her forward to lick at her arse. Jay enters the room and brushes his cock over Ashley's face. She pops it into her mouth as Pat pushes his dick in her bum. Ashley strokes her pussy as Pat's anal action gets faster and deeper. She moans with each thrust. Jay moves round to continue the fucking while Pat films with his hand held. Ashley shags Jay standing up. Then they flop onto the sofa and keep banging away. She sighs as a cock moves from her bum to her pussy. Pat joins in to DP Ashley. Screwing herself round, Ashley ends with the two of them in her arse, pumping away. She slips down to the floor waiting for their cum. She receives a mouth full of jizz. Ashley plays with it on her tongue. Then, smiling, she swallows.

With it's muted hues, intermixed with grainy black and white shots from Pat's hand held camera, the overall impression from the film is dull and flat. Watching the film, it's unclear whether it's the girls who are meant to be the stars or cameraman Pat, who's always in the thick of the action. The night-sight introductions may appeal to the armed services but seeing the girls bathed in green will do nothing for most viewers. As you may already have guessed, I found Runaway Teens a big miss.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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