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Released: 2008
Director: Goldie DeWitt
Notes: Spearmint Rhino
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Running time: 174 mins.

Driving his Winnebago, director Goldie heads out through the suburbs of LA to visit and pick up friends and film the action in the back of his bonking-mobile. On his journey he meets Nikki Rhodes, Kylee Reese, Claudia Valentine and Whitney Stevens. But first he helps a damsel in distress.

Standing by the side of the road with the temperatures in the hundreds, Holly looks hot and flustered. Her car has broken down and she's late for a shoot. Goldie offers her a ride. Travelling companion Derrick Pierce has done some scenes with Holly in the past and asks if she wants to rehearse as they drive. Removing her sweaty fuchsia top and denim skirt, Holly stoops to suck cock. With Derrick's shaft and balls covered in spit, Holly climbs aboard to ride. Her slim body slams down with every bump and jolt in the road. Turning to take Derrick reverse, Holly flops back onto the side seat, his prick in her pussy. With her strappy shoes dangling from her ankles, Holly spreads her legs as Derrick hammers home. He jerks his cream onto Holly's tongue. She plays with it in her mouth and swallows.

Filming in the back of a moving mobile home is limiting. The lights are low and the camera not always in focus. Driver/director Goldie's style of filming is also a bit unusual. In front of the lens more than the performers, he appears as a voyeur, chatting away to the crew while the action goes on around him. Dull and flat, Rollin' With Goldie 2 doesn't have a lot to recommend it.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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