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Released: 2006
Director: Riccardo Santini
Notes: Bordellonoir
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Running time: 123 mins.

With a mishmash of styles and some very strange production, it's difficult to say what Rump Reckers 2 is about. There are dominant guys, dominant girls and people who have turned up in fancy dress. More confusingly, each of the scenes has multiple endings. Veronica Jett appears in a peroxide blonde wig with Lexi Bardot, while Daisy Rock shares her scene with Janie Lynn.

Down in a basement, Janie sucks the cocks of three guys, one dressed as a business man, one as a cowboy in a silver lurex posing pouch (yuck!) and one in fishnets with a stocking over his head. Daisy arrives in her black basque, stockings and heels to find a sweat covered Janie being spit-roasted. Grabbing a cock, she starts to suck, then, pushing the guys aside, bends over to lap at Janie's pussy. One of the men thrusts his dick between Daisy's legs. She finds herself flat on the black leather sofa with a cock in her arse. The guy cums over her bum and leaves. The scene appears to stop. The picture returns with Janie burying her face in Daisy's fanny as a guy pounds her arse. The three twist and turn on the sofa. The guy cums over the pair and the screen fades to black... Yet another restart and Daisy has her legs spread. A prick pounds into her swollen pussy. With Janie licking, he moves his cock into Daisy's arse. Daisy climbs on to the cock and rides it up her bum. The guy cums into Janie's mouth and the girls share the load in a spunky kiss.

I have to admit I couldn't work out what this film was about. Strange editing and indifferent camera work doesn't help either. Anything that has a guy in a silver posing pouch is a miss in my books. Rump Reckers 2 may suit some tastes, but it's far too surreal for mine.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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