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Released: 2008
Director: Kendo
Notes: Daring
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Running time: 87 mins.

Featuring high heeled girls in tight latex one-pieces and a collection of guys in PVC and gas masks, Kendo's film Rubber Cats is aimed for those with a shiny kink. Squeezed into their outfits are Brits Daisy Rock, Lala and Renee Richards. They are joined by European girls Daria Glower and Diana Doll.

In her shocking pink latex cat-suit and long black coat, Renee stands in the window. Jay, dressed from head to toe in black, sits against a crimson wall. Strolling across the room, Jay remains motionless as Renee leans forward to show the crotch of her suit is unzipped. Lifting her leg, she offers it to Jay. He licks at her black high heels, then starts on her legs. Grabbing Jay's mask, Renee sticks her tongue through the mouth piece. He falls to the floor. She spanks his arse. Opening Jay's coat, Renee works his cock with her black gloved hand and guides the head between her lips. Holding the shaft, she bites at his balls. Renee takes her place on the chair, her legs splayed over the arms. Jay jabs his fingers into her pussy, followed by his prick. The chair rocks with each thrust. Unzipping more of her outfit, Renee drops to her hands and knees. Jay rams in hard from behind. Her tongue out, Renee jerks Jay's jizz into her mouth. The two kiss.

In her shiny red rubber, Daisy stands on one side of Jay's throne. Daria, dressed in black, is on the other. Unzipping the crotches of their outfits, the girls pose. Jay runs his fingers over their fannies. Daria sits on Jay's face. Daisy bends forward to have her pussy lips pulled. In the gloom of the dungeon the girls tongues mingle as they kiss. His cock out, Jay penetrates Daria's shiny black suit. She stretches her legs as she perches on the chair. Down on all fours with her bum high in the air, Daisy feels the force of Jay's prick as he pounds into her pussy. Daria masturbates as she watches, then takes her opportunity to slip onto Jay's dick. The pair lie on top of each other while Jay tugs at his shaft. His spunk flies over Daisy's back.

Wandering into the hall of an old manor house, Lala caresses her arse through her skin tight blue latex. Unzipping herself, a finger is slipped into her pussy. She plays for two masked guys. Pushing Jay against a table, Lala runs a spiked wheel over his body and pulls at his dick with her black rubber gloves. The boys examine Lala's damp pussy. A set of love balls are eased past her lips. Falling forward, she suck at their cocks. The love balls pop out one by one. Lifting Lala, Jay pokes his fingers into her pussy before placing her on the table to fuck. His mask off, Jay jams in his prick and laps between Lala's legs. The second guy wanks over her face and cums. Pulling out, Jay shoots his load over Lala's body.

Rubber may not be everyone's cup of tea but under the skilful direction of Kendo, Rubber Cats appeals to more than the fetish fraternity. The darkened sets and atmospheric lighting add to the feeling of mystery and suspense, never sure who is behind the mask or clad in latex. Rubber Cats is great film to watch if you want something different from the norm.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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