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Released: 2007
Director: Kenny Darcey
Notes: English Amateurs. Georgina Smith, Karlie Simon only in download version.
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 63 mins.

When a film is just over one hour long, the last thing you need is 'fill' at the start of the scenes. Unfortunately, that's what you get with Real Hardcore Auditions Reel 2 Vol 2. Director Kenny, along with stud Sonny, spend a good five minutes driving around the streets of London to pick Georgina up at the tube station. Then a further five taking her back to the studio, which only appears to be 100 metres down the road!! Once inside, more time is wasted as Georgina fills out forms. Although, the camera does pan down her wrinkled stockings.

Standing in her jacket and cream dress, Georgina reveals her white lace knickers to the constant flash of the stills camera. They fall to the floor and Sonny is asked for his opinion. He caresses her body as she slides down to the floor. Kneeling before him, Georgina takes his dick in her mouth. More flashes as her lips envelop the head of his cock. Sonny licks at Georgina and his fingers enter her fanny. She settles herself down on his condom covered cock and rides him. The two move to the sofa where the shagging continues, with Georgina spinning round to be taken from behind. The cum shot over Georgina's tits is accompanied by the final barrage of flashes.

Blonde Charlie enters the office to find Kenny is away, leaving Sonny alone. Unbuttoning her long leather coat, she gives a glimpse of her see-through black slip. Sonny tries to ask some questions but all Charlie is interested in is his manhood. Crouched before him, she wraps her fingers around his cock and sucks. Sonny strokes at her long blonde hair. The two move to the leather sofa. As Charlie kneels astride his dick, a ladder runs down her black stockings. She slowly sinks down on his cock. The pace quickens. Charlie's boobs bang against Sonny's face. She leans over the arm of the sofa to be fucked doggy. Rolling over, Charlie pops her legs on Sonny's shoulders. He hammers away at her pussy, pulling out to splash his spunk on her stomach.

The final short scene is shot in the dressing room. Leah sits having her hair done by Antonia. Kenny enters and she turns to give a flash of her studded pussy through her tights. Antonia strokes between Leah's legs, then rips open the crotch to lick at her jewellery. The camera pulls back, missing the action but giving a great view of the cane marks on Antonia's nylon clad bum. Riving at her own tights, Antonia starts to finger herself... The scene is abruptly cut short when the dressing room door is slammed shut.

This is a poor film, very short and badly produced. The first two scenes are marred by indifferent lighting, questionable camera work and the constant flash of the stills camera. As to why Antonia's and Leah's scene was included, I don't know. In the 12 minutes which it runs, the action only just starts when it is curtailed. If you were considering buying Real Hardcore Auditions Reel 2 Vol 2, have a good long think. It lacks both quality and quantity.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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