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Released: 2007
Director: Pete Walters
Notes: All-Amateurs DVD / DVM Enterprises
Notes and Reviews

Not so much a dogging movie, more amateur outdoor sex - but none the worse for that. Shot in high definition widescreen, the film features a selection of milf-types getting fucked in the deserted car park of Ceasars club, somewhere under the flightpath of Birmingham airport. While the women are from the pro-am circuit, the studs look decidedly amateur, but still manage to deliver most of the time.

BBW Nikki drives to the car park and, while the rest of the crew are getting organised, she flashes her bits from the front seat of the car. Then, rolling her black dress around her waist, bends over the car bonnet for a fucking. Two middle aged studs do the business and soon they are all naked, with Nikki spread across the bonnet with a cock in her pussy and mouth. Ends with two decent cum shots over her massive tits.

Bonny leans out of her car window to fellate her fella. As she gets out of the car another guy arrives and, hitching up her skirt to reveal hold-up stockings, she gets fucked doggy. Both middle aged guys fuck her from behind while she sucks the other. Scene ends with single facial.

Raunchy Minx and her partner drive to the car park, slowly undressing as they have oral sex in the front seats of their car. A second guy appears and the oral threesome continues outside until both guys come over Minx's face.

Lisa arrives at the car park and, stepping out quickly, takes two guys in hand. As she sucks the guys' members they get her tits out and pull her white pants down to her ankles. Hitching her denim skirt up, Lisa gets fucked doggystyle before sitting on the boot sill for some unsteady fucking. Once again only one of the guys gets enough wood for penetration and he delivers a facial to end.

In the final scene, the guys queue outside Sexy Sue's car for her oral services. Leaving the car and stripping to her black hold-ups, Sue fucks two guys on a blanket on the ground and they both come over her face and tits.

The film quality here is good, but the problems with lighting in strong outdoor sunshine means that the action is not always clearly captured. As amateur milfs go, these women do the business and are pretty sexy with it, provided you like this sort of thing. A good 2 hours of amateur sex.

Review by Bayleaf
September 2007

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